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He describes the man’s success by working on one bed at a time before moving on to the next. The man works on one bed at a time in order to succeed and move on to the second thereafter, rather than attempting all the beds at once. | 5. How long does Franklin stick to his plan for systematic oral improvement and why does he eventually abandon the project? (10 points) Franklin stuck to his plan consistently for one year, but after it took him several years to finish one course. He eventually abandons the project all together due to many things interfering with project and life such as voyages and business.

I 6. Which specific virtue gave Franklin the most difficulty and why? (10 points) The virtue that gave Franklin the most difficulty was Order, partly because Franklins good memory makes Order not as necessary. He was not accustomed to living by method and routine. Order was difficult for him to acquire with being a sociable man and letting things interfere. I 7. Define the term “itinerant minister” (10 points) An itinerant minister is one who travels to different churches to minister for one or more services for a relatively short time.

These Christian evangelists preach the basic Christian redemption message to those they travel to. I 8. Is Gilbert Tenet making an argument in favor of, or in opposition to, the use of itinerant ministers (in either case, explain why)? (10 points) Feedback Rubric: I Tenet claimed that anyone who was opposed to the revivals was opposed to the ark of God, and therefore lacking of the Spirit of God, and he accused those kinds of people as being hypocrites who did not care for Chrism’s people.

Tenet also felt the need to argue that only men who had experienced conversion should be ministers. Tenet says “For if the Blind lead the Blind, will they not both fall into the Ditch? In other words, this is like a person trying to explain to someone how it feels to Jump out of plane, yet has never experienced it for themselves. I 9. What action does Tenet encourage among congregations led by “dead men” (unconverted ministers), and why? (10 points) Feedback Rubric: The action that Tenet encourages among congregations led by “dead men” is to seek spiritual nurture elsewhere.

The reason he encouraged them to do so was so they may change their ways of life and prayer and find redemption. | 10. According to Tenet, who do Pharisees see as the biggest threat to their status or position (and why)? (10 points) Feedback Rubric: I According to Tenet the Pharisees feared and felt threatened the most by is the righteousness and Gods spirit alone. The Pharisees saw Gods spirit as a threat because they would lose their statues of superiority among the people.

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