Believe the Four Truths are true and real, follow the Eightfold Path, meditation is one of the major steps to reach enlightenment Judaism Old Testament God promised the Jews, people of Israel, paradise and those who hate the Jews and mistreat them are going to go to Hell Christianity New Testament Islam Quern People who believe in all the five pillars and do them and do righteous deeds go to heaven while the disbelievers and those who sin are punished and go to Hell II. Short Answer 1. Explain the role of river valleys in the development of civilizations. Name at least two river valleys as examples. 0 points) River valleys first and foremost provided water, a basic necessity for humans. It also provided fertile soil for agriculture, which led to settlements and brought hunting and gathering to an end. Once animals and plants were domesticated, and basic advances occurred these civilizations made irrigation systems from the rivers. Transportation was also easier by boat//raft on a river rather than on foot or horse back. Two examples of early civilizations is the early Egyptian civilization using the Nile River and the Indus Valley civilization using the Indus River. How do the Himalayas affect culture and climate? (5 points) The Himalayas are the largest mountain range in the world. They are a natural barrier between Asia and the subcontinent. They are famous for affecting the monsoon seasons, Basically when the monsoon winds and precipitation goes through India and travels further North they go right into the Himalayas but the sheer height of these mountains stop the rains from going any more north and then push them East towards Southeast Asia. This makes a very dry reason not too far pas t the Himalayas, which is where the

Gobi Desert has formed. Also the regions that do get the monsoon rains have economies that are strongly dependent on the rains to get a generous crop yield. 3. Define the following terms: (5 points total) Culture: The ways, traditions, morals etc. Of life that people of a specific group share usually with common or similar languages, styles and themes. Geography: They study of physical Earth and the atmosphere an how this affects humans and vice versa which includes climate, environment, population etc. AAA. Describe where the Industrial Revolution began and how it spread. Points) The industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the sass and spread to other parts of Europe and to the United States through trade and arbitration and spread of businesses. B. What are the factors preventing industrialization in Africa? (5 points) Political problems, ethnic tension, too much diversity, not proper infrastructure, unable to attract foreign investment etc. AAA. Define the concept of multiple causation (5 points) Multiple causation basically means there is more than one reason or force that caused something to occur. B. Use multiple causation to explain the relationship between the last ice age and different cultural patterns in the northern and southern United States. (5 points) The last ice age is the reason for the development of the Grand Canyon, Long Island in New York, and even the Great Lakes. These are mainly located in Northern United States because that is where the ice sheets covered the most. This makes the southern United States still more rural and agriculture oriented whereas Northern United states industrialized and urbanize very rapidly.

Voting patterns even seem to follow where the ice age hit worst and here it didn’t but this may have nothing to do with the Ice age mundanely just that the industrialized regions are interested in different aspects of what each candidate has to offer. IV. Short Answer Consider that Earth’s population is projected to rise to 10 billion by the year 2050. The current population is only around 6 billion. Most scientists predict global warming will be noticeable by the year 2050 as well. What parts of the world currently have the fastest and slowest population growth? 4 points) Fastest CLC Sub-Sahara Africa Slowest C] Europe What regions do you think will have the highest population densities in the year 2050? Explain why. (6 points) My best guess is India will have the highest population density because they are industrialization quickly, have plenty resources and are working to get more and also they have lot of job opportunities. In other places it does seem like there will be much industrialization such as Africa which can cause the people to die out when they do NT have resources.

Also the culture in India from what have seen is that people have many children and encourage big families and aka care of each other. How do you think the population increase will affect urban areas in the world? (5 points) They will continue to develop/branch Out and advance through businesses and technology because they have resources and money and a stable economy to keep growing. An example can be how in the past 20 years San Francisco and San Jose used to be different cities but now they morphed and are one big urban area.

In the year 2050, what regions of the world would be most affected by global warming? (5 points) think the most affected regions would be the coastal regions of countries ear the polls because when the glaciers melt the sea level rises and can start engulfing those countries. One example is the lower tip of Brazil or South Africa. VI. Essay The theme of this course has been the relationship between geography and world culture. You have learned about many aspects of geography, and you have seen how the features of Earth affect human behavior and decisions.

These behaviors affect the culture of societies. You will write an essay about the connection between the physical geography of Earth and the culture of human societies. First, fill in this brainstorming table to help you get ideas for your essay. In the “other” section, you can use whatever factors you can think of that are not listed. How does geography affect each of these? Arbitration Trade Cultural Exchange Other: How is culture affected by each of these?

Now write a three-paragraph essay that responds to the essay prompt below. A good essay will have a strong topic sentence and introduction, a body paragraph that uses specific evidence to back up its statements, and a concluding paragraph that repeats your point. SE the facts from your brainstorming table to write your essay. ESSAY PROMPT: Describe the relationship between physical geography and world cultures. Physical geography is one of the major factors why the world is filled with such a variety of diverse cultures.

This also affects the spread of religion as well. People cannot spread religion in the olden days unless they were able to travel there easily. This is how Islam went from the Arab world right down into Africa and became a major religion there. There are many other examples Of the Way geography has impacted the lives of humans, that is just a simple one. Do you ever wonder how the culture in China don Pakistan are so different when they are so close together? The answer to that is the Himalayas.

As a natural barrier, the culture of the Subcontinent is very different with very different traditions and languages than the northern parts of Asia. Another way the geography affected human culture is the rivers. Rivers were a major part of ancient civilizations and even today we find that cities near rivers are very advanced and urbanize which led to industrialization. Many of these civilizations see these rivers and have legends, traditions and even beliefs heap around them as well as other natural beauties such as Mount Kilimanjaro.

These are two major examples of how geography affects human development and culture. In conclusion, we can say that geography affects our climate and traditions by changing the circumstances we have to live in and therefore the humans have to become accustomed to whatever the world throws their way. This can cause disasters sometimes however, we always move on and life keeps going forward. Ultimately, geography affects our lives in major ways that we might never understand or appreciate completely.

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