The picture also excluded the low paying Chinese immigrants who were hired to speed up the railroad process. 3. Horace Greenly: “Go West,” 1 871 Horace Greenly is stating that all men that want work to go west He asks queue actions what the men were capable of and if they were not capable of anything, he suggested they would go learn the skills they needed and take his family with them to the west. 4. The Grange Movement, 1875 The cartoon was to attract social and economic attention that the United Stats sees needed farmers to survive.

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The Grange membership skyrocketed after Congress reduced paper money in favor of gold and silver. The poster also includes parallelism phrases around the post ere that go along with each profession to show that all of those professions are needed AND farmer s are needed. 5. William Culled Bryant opposes the protective tariff, 1876 a. Bryant talks about how “Manufacturers are not prosperous and many of the m begin to suspect that under a more liberal system they would better thrive. He mentions that there e is no definite answer o when the currency situation will be resolved but if they have fixed this prop elm after the war then they wouldn’t have ended up with this situation. 6. William T. Sherman on the western railroads, 1878 a. The making of railroads is less costly than gravel roads and less painful than marching on dirt roads for the military. The use of railroads would prevent disorder between t he Americans and Indians and less robberies. 7. The struggle for married women’s rights, circa sass a.

Men are the leaders of the family and wives are often telling secrets about the IR married life or staying quiet about it, but it is known to man that husbands think that they o won the wife. That the wife must submit and do whatever is told by their husbands. 8. San Franciscans Chinatown, 1880 This Workingman’s Party of California pamphlet are against immigrants and t alas bad about Chinatown and pushes for the Chinese Exclusion act. The act prevented the c Hines that were already in the states to leaves and reenter. 9.

Charles Gateau’s reasons for assassinating President Garfield, 1882 a. Gateau executed the divine command which was to assassinate Garfield. Gui teat assassinated him to Save his party and country from a war that Garfield wanted to occur. 10. The Homemaker Affair, 1886 The Homemaker affair was a public rally that ended with a bombing that killed six people.

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