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Natasha Romanishan Class six Assignment 8 1. Why was there such opposition to the proposed Constitution of 1787? There was opposition to the constitution because many mainly the anti-federalists believed it would turn into tyranny and everything that happened in the American Revolution and there steps towards a democracy would end and it would become like Britain. Therefore the war would mean nothing and democracy would not happen, the government would take over. 2. Was there a violation of revolutionary ideology in the way the senate and house were organized?

Was there a violation of revolutionary ideology in the office of president? The revolutionary ideology was to break away from a strong national government. I believe the senate and house were because they wanted a strong government and an over head whereas the president I do not think violated because he was fair and believed in the democracy not the government controlling everything. 3. Which of the Federalist Papers (#’s 10-39-51) did you find most interesting? Which one is the shortest and are they one and the same? I found the federalist paper 39 most interesting.

I believe that 51 is the shortest. They are not all the same but all similar dealing with the same overall topic, it seems as each paper is a continuation that paper 39 is continuing with 10 but a different main point like there was three different points to the major concept. 4. Most historians regard George Washington as a successful president. Is his reputation deserved? Make a case for or against this assertion. I think George Washington was a strong successful president. I feel he was impartial, smart and a leader.

He was thoughtful and had military experience. His decision to remain neutral in the war was a great move because it made us not choose sides until we had to and that way we weren’t enemies with either country. I think Washington was strategic with this move, he was a fair president. Overall, looked at both sides, tried to do what was right and honest. I think he was was a man of integrity and that is an important thing in a president. 5. What was Alexander Hamilton’s three part economic program and why was it controversial?

There were three parts to Hamilton’s economic programs. First was the assumption of debts which would pay off our nation’s debts overtime so our country would have good credit with other countries. Second was to establish federal banks and lastly tariffs. It was controversial because some did not want manufacturing to take over they wanted agriculture to make the money and not cities to develop. It was also controversial because some felt mainly Jefferson that the Constitution would be taking literally whereas, Hamilton did not feel that it would.

Lastly many felt Hamilton was trying to take over the government and many did not want this to happen because they wanted democracy and felt that this may give him too much power and because it was his idea. 6. What were the Alien and Sedition Acts? Do you think that there should be limits on what can be said in public about high government officials? The Alien and Sedition acts gave the government many rights including the right to deport any aliens of the nationality from an opposing country.

Also one of the items listed were arrest of anyone writing false and malicious statement against high government officials. I feel these acts were wrong and unconstitutional. I think it is wrong to write wrong things about government officials but that’s why we have freedom of speech and if you say one cannot do that, where do you then draw the line? I feel if the statement is about assassinations, then it should not be allowed and that if statements are false it should not be allowed because it is slander or libel.

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