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Name: Lam Wing student NO. : 10523957 Class code: 88270-0106 Assignment 1 words: 909 QI . Do you agree that Sun Yixian was an important politician affecting the development of china between 1911 and 1924? Justify your view. (900-1200 words) Between 1911 and 1924, Sun Yixian was an important person to affecting China in different areas and the most important part is politician. In 1911, Sun Yixian become the provisional president of China and end up the imperialism of China. He publicize the Three People’s Principle and build up a society which is more respect people.

To express the principle, Sun Yixian keeps to hold lectures to promote his theory in every stratums. He was trying hard to get the advocates and build up a peaceful society within his power which got from his position. Even his intention has not realize totally at the time, his cerebration and theory become aim nowadays. To affect the political, the Three People’s Principle position is indispensably. Firstly is the People’s Livelihood. Under the People’s Livelihood, China become a communistic society and it purpose to raise people by each other.

To invigorate China’s conomical, government release the peasants and let people develop different lines of business such as mining industry and communications of traffic. China’s type of works in production become diversification bit by bit and some people become rich. People contribution part of their properties to government and by the system of communism, the revaluation of private property which would then be purchased by the government and given to landless people, everyone got a stable life quality.

Compare with the dynasty of Qing, people was had no cerebration to share money ith strangers so that the problem of extreme disparity between the rich and the poor was very serious and it bought out many refugees indirectly. To the political factors, China has been increased the commercial potential with foreign base on the industry development under the People’s Livelihood and this make China become more internationalization. The other philosophy of Three People’s Principle is Democracy. Democracy means strive for the political power of people.

Before 1911, China interior government was full of corruptions and the office holders were misuse heir power to hector people. Confront these reasons, people live perplexity because of office holders’ savage acts and the high taxation. To modify this situation, Sun Yixian address a country abundant or not is base on people. People should have a power to interference government and also partake with government’s decision through an election. Sun Yixian hope that everyone is equal under his dominion. In front of this conversion, the relations between government and people has been changed.

Government’s work position is not depends on authority anymore, everyone an enter the different Jobs of government with their own competence in the civil servant examination system. With the proceed of Democracy, people finally own the right to speak and the efficiency of administration’s interior operate was increased substantially. For the last cerebration of Three People’s Principle is Nationalism which the creation of a strong Chinese state. Nationalism is a way to united different races of China and it also mind to strive for every races are equality.

Racial discrimination is familiar nowadays and it always call injured within the argue etween different nations. The problem of extreme disparity between the rich and the poor is not only being in a society, it may also being in a country Just like China. Power and money decided each race’s value and bought out resentful. Base on Sun Yixian’s theory, this action is violate the framework of equal. To reform the relation between race and race, Sun Yixian suppose use morality and peaceful to be a groundwork and there are no distinction whatever what race you are.

To the smaller nation, we have to help them and support them in every way so that they may ecome more formidable. A united country is a key point to resist enemy and develop society vigorously. For this superiority, foreign will not try to start a war with China easily. To sum up the political situation between 1911 and 1924 which has changed by Sun Yixian’s theory – Three People’s Principle, China has been more powerful and its station of world has been totally increased. After that, Foreign treat China as one’s equal since China became industrialization and started has business connections with China.

In the other side, the people’s livelihood of China interior was all receive a good quality and the administration is more upright. To contrast with the period which Sun Yixian was not yet appeared in the political world, China was full of internal revolt and foreign invasion and it is very unstable. For the interior of China, people start uprising always and try to push over Qing government such as Wuchang Uprising and Second Guangzhou Uprising because of they cannot accept the eunuch’s monopoly of power intensely.

Sun Yixian end up Qing’s tyrannical system and created a new system which is to hand state power back to the people. He also promoted the freedom of the capitalist system successfully. Through by his theory carry, China’s political affairs become flourishing and more modern. China is not Just a country which a hole in the wall anymore, China has been solely responsible for one section. Base on these reasons, Sun Yixian has became an important politician affecting the development of China between 1911 and 1924 and bring China toa new page.

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