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History 2055 Notes

Safe to say there were millions. Where did they live? 1492: Most lived South of the ROI Grandee two large urban civilizations were in central Mexico and Peru Aztec Incas Empires Stone built cities A lot of citizens Sophisticated people 5 million people or less about the ROI Grandee not wall to wall people north of the ROI Grandee Once they get here… What do we call them? Native Americans In the sass they were called Indians Everybody said that until the early ass Meridians distinguished Indians from American Indians American Indians

Before the sass people would’ve though a native American was anyone born in the United States In Canada they call Native Americans: Aborigines First peoples First nations They do not use native American or native Canadian. This matters because of how political everything is now! Political Power! Native Americans make up from %% to lo% of the population Don’t have any political or economic cloud in the US. What started the name changing trend? Sack the sass’s Stanford Indians changed to the cardinals Not the bird, but the color cardinal Social Identity North Dakota Fighting Sue

The Sue are not happy with the school mascot. Notre Dame Irish Irish people don’t seem to mind at all? What’s the difference? Belonging to society… Irish Americans are Americans Native Americans want their land back and don’t feel like they are a part of the American population. Don’t feel like Americans. Not all Native Americans think alike. Culture of Native Americans Eastern Woodland Indians Mississippi river and east 3 or 4 million people LARGE GROUP You can subdivide them further, but we will Just go with Eastern Woodland Indians You will be able to find an exception to what will be taught.

You’ll find some that don’t fit the rubric. Eastern Woodland Folks Agricultural people Growing one crop in particular Corn That is what everyone is eating and have been eating it for a long time! Corn has been facsimiled… Its been here forever Squash, bears, potatoes Very agriculturally dependent. Hunting Men do the hunting Women do the agriculture Except clearing the land They did that by torching it mainly NO IRON MACHINES They are new stone-age people basically Back then they had no domesticated animals like horses, oxen, etc.

Stone tools, bone, antler cake a stack, poke noels In teen ground Ana sea Women would harvest these crops When soil ran out they would leave. They were not producing massive surplus. Because of their farming techniques. European farmers tended to stay put, Eastern Woodland Indians moved around a lot. Cultural misunderstandings Europeans would be next door planting and some eastern woodlander would come and claim land. Europeans would be like, “hey that’s actually our land” and the woodlander would be like, “Well, you aren’t here right now. ” Woodlander men thought that European women were lazy.

European women weren’t harvesting the crops or building houses. European men though that woodlander men were lazy. Woodlander men weren’t building homes, etc. It’s really Just two different styles of doing things. Stereotypes developed early on When it came to numbers (populations) It took about one acre to support an adult for a year. If you had about 2-300 adults, you’d need 2-300 acres The tribes were broken up into smaller villages. If you wanted to expand your territory, you had to move on to new territory. Totem poles would mark territory for native Americans

A totem pole that had bear heads and fish heads on top of a pole with blood dripping down marked the territory for Baton Rouge with a red stick. We need more territory Wicked be a cause for most wars try to trade for it first, but if that didn’t work there was always war scalping was very common in wars form of tropism some might say that it wasn’t the native Americans who scalped. Scalping was very rare in European warfare… It was the native Americans Hokes-Simian Tribe type… Allies? Europeans always tried to find Native American allies as they came to America.

Weren’t many conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans where there were Europeans vs…. Natives. It was more of Europeans and Natives vs…. Other Europeans and Natives. Fought primarily over land Revenge was common Native peoples north of the ROI grandee didn’t really engage in “total war” the goal wasn’t to completely annihilate the entire tribe would go to war in order to get more people instead of making kids the old fashioned way, they would steal other people’s women and kids… Prisoners of war would eventually die male captives… Never women or children captives. Religion Polytheistic

Multiple gods Animistic Belief that gods were in the rivers and wind Nathaniel Pop (Movie character played by Daniel Day Louis) Orphaned Indian Becomes skilled at hunting… Mainly shooting things They roasted a British major Nathaniel pop takes his musket and puts a bullet in his head so that he won’t suffer from the pain and humiliation Europeans tortured people all the time in the 16th century Especially witches or accused witches Light estimate of witches who died… Kick Were torched for religious reasons Native Americans engaged in battle Usually broke down to one on one fights

Collective strategy used Ambush Once that ambush started the woodlander would pick an enemy and go for that person Their fighting skills were very annalistic There was a sort of communal approach to life, but individualistic things were going on as well. Choctaws hated the Chickasaws No president, king, etc. Chiefs would be listened to voluntarily. If you are a 19 year old Choctaw and you decide you want to go to battle, you might be humiliated, but won’t be forced to fight or kill you. Film reference Dances with Wolves You could make your own decisions when it comes to war and fighting. Ritual

Cannibalism When you captured and killed someone you would consume some part of them…. Wasn’t necessarily extremely popular, but it did happen. More popular in Mexico Aisha tribe would eat their enemies… Choctaw pointed out the cannibalism Aisha=the people Choctaws called them matters. Choctaws didn’t like them because they were cannibals. Casualties were kept low because you didn’t want to wipe out your whole enemy and because of weapons Your less likely to be killed from a spear or arrow wound than a gun wound. Native Americans will eventually get firearms and that will change EVERYTHING!

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