Thus can we as human beings imply that: “Life’s roadman of success” is not determined by one’s runner lifestyle and present failure but yet ones measure of determination to strive for success? In the late 1 sass America’s society struggled with of hunger, poor housing poor environmental conditions, dangerous working hazardous and poor pay. The Poverty level was outrageous, anyone below the middle social class, struggled to survive on a daily basis. The government offered little to no help for public assistance.

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Vendors so the “homeless” was made up of orphan children of all ages but mostly of young boys. In which most died each day room trying to survive on the busy and harsh streets of a big city. Furthermore when authors like Horopito Alger Jar, introduce characters such as Ragged Dick to their readers, in which was intended for school age boys; they give their audience a realistic hero that they could relate too and learn from. Ragged Dick was a fourteen year old orphan who was a boot blacker living the street life in New York.

After facing several obstacles that tested his ambitions,character and strength, He drastically changes his life from “Hustling the streets” into becoming a powerful industrial man. He teaches his readers four valuable life lessons that success comes with hard work, only the brave will survive, education is the stepping stone of achieving your accomplishments and no matter what your situation maybe; you must always be honest and trustworthy.

Nevertheless when the audience of Ragged Dick read about this young hero and his struggles but yet accomplishments, inspires them to learn Ragged Dick’s moral’s and the most important moral of all is that honesty is the best policy, it will get you far in life. Also since Ragged Dick was living in their day ND age the novel was used to mend and not only shape these young boys characters but none of the less serve as a survival guide.

In which it taught the metropolitan boys who were already living in the streets techniques and skills to overcome possible dangerous situations and how to enter into a more rewarding, peaceful and successful life; but also how to adapt to the rapid changes that were occurring during the late nineteenth century. This is why novels such as this one was very popular back in the nineteenth century because it was a teaching guide, it was very influential, exciting and spiritual.

Vendors so it embraced the children of their time period, gave them hope for betters days ahead, and let them know that they are in control of their life, if they want it bad enough that they can achieve anything that they set their minds too. In conclusion your destiny rely solely on your ambition, the roadman of life is written within your soul and mind. Thus a person’s character can not be developed without experiencing trials and tribulations; in which suffering influences strength, ambition and inspires success to be achieved.

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