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Hercules The Great Hero

Hercules the great hero and the son of the great god Zeus, was the most famous of all the Greek mythological heroes. Hercules was known for his strength, bravery, and adventuresome personality. Hercules like most heroes had a god as their father, and he had a mortal mother named Alcmene. Hercules like most heroes was not an ordinary mortal and a good example was his superhuman strength. Hercules was the strongest of all the heroes and of course a possessor of superhuman strength.

Hercules was an excellence marksman, and also a champion wrestler who once wrestled the great god Zeus to a draw! It is said that Hercules made the god of the sea Poseidon give way in battle, and wounded Ares the god of war in another battle. Hercules could toss boulders around like pebbles and move mountains that got in the way of his cattle. The possessor of superhuman strength also relieved the Titan Atlas of the burden of holding up the heavens. Like his strength Hercules’s bravery showed tremendously in times of need.

Since Hercules was sentenced to many labors and accomplished the almost impossible tasks it’s safe to say that he is one of the bravest heroes. When Hercules was a child the goddess Hera was very jealous of Hercules Hera was jealous because Zeus cheated on her many times with mortal women to pass on his great genes to offspring and the more offspring Zeus had the better off Greece would be. Hercules was born because Zeus had an affair with another women name Alcmene or Hercules’s mother.

So Hera sent two snakes into Hercules’s room when he was an infant to kill him but Hercules grabbed the snakes by the head and killed them. Also on his labors he defeated the Hydra, Nemean Lion, and the man killing Stymphalian Birds. In all of those labors Hercules showed a tremendous amount of bravery, because most mortals couldn’t even come close to these creatures or they would be killed. Fortunately for Hercules his adventurous personality, this helped him with the many adventures that he had to face. Hercules was adventurous manly because of what he was sentenced to do.

Hercules was driven mad by the goddess Hera, and in frenzy he killed his own children. To atone for his crime he was sentenced to perform a series of tasks or labors for his cousin Eurytheus, the king of Mycenae. On his first labor he was sent to kill the Nemean Lion. Hercules killed the Nemean Lion by throttling it to death with his hands, and after he made the skin of the lion into a cloak and the jaws into a helmet. On the second task King Eurytheus was so afraid of his cousin that he told Hercules to go and kill Hydra while hiding in a storage jar.

Hydra had many heads which included an immortal head and every time you cut off a head two more grew back in its place, and had lethal breath. From the beginning the beast had an advantage but with the help of his nephew Iolaus, Hydra was defeated. Hercules also defeated the Stymphalian birds, and held up the heavens while the Titan Atlas retrieved the golden apples of the Hesperides. Hercules also went to the underworld on his final labor to bring the hellhound Cerberus up from the kingdom of Hades, and he also aided the gods in the epic battle against the giants.

Hercules was also a member of Jason’s Argonauts, and rescued Theseus from Hades. Through out the life of Hercules he showed bravery, strength, and a very adventurous personality. Hercules was the only hero to become a god, and have a home at Mount Olympus because if his accomplishments as a hero. There were many famous Heroes including Jason, Perseus, and Theseus and Hercules was the most famous of the Heroes. Hercules rose to fame and became a god, and his stories are still being told all over Greece.

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