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1.My intake of daily food intake is pretty good, except my fiber intake, which is only 17.5 grams a day. The normal intake of fiber is 25 grams a day. In order for me to raise my fiber intake, I will increase my fiber intake by eating beans, almonds, avocado, and all other green vegetables. My zinc intake is not to law, but I will increase it by taking more meat and poultry product, since they are the top providers in zinc.

Calcium intake is dependent on vitamin D and the age. Calcium is found most in milk products, sardines with bones, and green products like spinach. The daily value for potassium is 3,500mg/day. Bananas are the richest sources of potassium, the other sources are whole fruits and vegetables and other fresh foods. Vitamin E is found mostly in vegetable oils, legumes, nuts, seeds, and miscellaneous.

2.My average fat intake is 33.9% of the total calories per day and the intake that recommended by DRI 30% of the total calories per day. For me to decrease my fat intake I will eat less fattening food, such as steak, ice cream, and products with mayonnaise, which contain large amounts of in them.

3.My fiber is below 25 grams a day, its only 70% of 25 grams. I will eat cereal that contains high fiber, beans, and almonds.

4.Yes, I eat at least 2 apples, one banana, one cucumber and I drink one glass of tomato juice a day.

5.I tend to be stressed when it comes to finals or when I have no time for everything I need to do. When I used to get stressed, I dealt with it in the bad way, such as having a cigarette and some drink. Since this semester I stopped dealing with my stress that way and I breathe they way you (prof. Schnoll) showed us. I started to go to gym three times a week, and I feel much better. It’s easier to breathe and to move around.

I started to eat properly before I go to gym and when I come back from gym. I lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the semester, since I eat proper meals during my daily bases. I used to smoke pack a day, since summer I lowered the amount and I plan to quit with in another 2 month. 6.This project thought me how to eat properly, what food I should increase and what food I should decrease in my daily intake. I got a chance to learn, the food that I intake what are they consist of. It’s very important to know what we put in our mouths.

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