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Haunted Hotel Research Paper

Home to numerous U. S presidents and first ladies, this presidential palace is the world’s most famous residence of unexplainable footsteps, weird knockings, slamming of doors, and even the sensation of cold chills, all reported by many government officials and workers. Abraham Lincoln, who is said to have foreseen his own death, is reported to be the most frequent visitor to the assembly, walking the huge halls and loitering around the Lincoln Bedroom which served as his office during his presidency.

During World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill supposedly refused to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom after seeing the dead president one night. One former seamstress worker reported; she heard the laughter and felt the spirit of Andrew Jackson, has he leaned over her while she was hemming a bedspread in his old bedroom. But not only presidents and first ladies roam this building. The ghost of Annie Surratt, whose mother was killed for involvement in Lincoln’s death, has supposedly been seen knocking on the White House door, pleading to have her mother released. 4)

The Tower of London The Tower of London dating back over 900 years; is known as one of the most haunted places in Britain. Home to some of England’s most notorious and sinister figures, this prison was residence to many whom where hung and behead for criminal involvement. During the 19th century, Crown Jewel keeper E. L. Swifte and his family were having dinner in the Martin Tower, when they all saw a moving object. This apparition as Swifte swung a chair at it, went through the chair and vanished in thin air.

In 1864, a soldier who passed out from fright, after battling with a ghostly apparition was acquitted for neglecting his duty, when two other soldiers corroborated his story. This place was so filled with ghosts; that it intrigued the BBC broadcasting team, and they teamed up with specialized paranormal investigators to try and capture some of the ghostly images and activities, using special infra red cameras and temperature gauges. The results revealed; these haunting claims were all true. (3)Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Located atop the famous volcanic “Castle Rock”, this historic royal castle is Scotland’s most popular paid tourist attraction. This monumental Scottish fortress and military stronghold, played an integral role in many important historical battles, and as such, there are so many ghosts stories circulation to even compress in this video. A ghost drummer can be heard at nights drumming away. He was once spotted and identified as the ghost of a headless boy. The dungeons, once home and torture chambers to numerous prisoners, is said to contain restless and fierce spirits haunting the castle, causing visitors to sense their presence and smell.

In 1537, Janet Douglas, Lady of Glamis, was accused of witchcraft and conspiring to kill King James V. Burnt at the stake in the castle with her son forced to watch, visitors to the castle can sometimes hear her spirit knocking on the walls and screaming in the night. (2)The Schooner Hotel, UK One of the most haunted hotels, in and around the coast of Northumberland is the Schooner Hotel. Heartless violent massacres, numerous murders, and even its share of suicides, are believed to be the main contributors, to the haunted tales that surround the establishment.

Known as “The Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain”, there are more than sixty individual ghosts contained, in and around the structure. If you do decide to stay here, you might want to avoid rooms 17 and 28, as grisly murders and ghostly apparitions, seem to be as commonplace here, as a warm cup of tea. People say that an entire family was murdered in room “28”, but very few details have been released about this crime. However, workers and visitors have claimed to have heard loud screams, faint whispers, and other types of unexplained sounds in and around the room.

Many also claim that a young boy rides a tricycle in the area that is near to the room marked as “17”. Dark shadows, unexplained knocks, and even individuals experiencing physical complications have been reported in room “17”. (5)LaLaurie House, New Orleans Located three stories high on Royal Street in New Orleans, the Lalaurie House was once the envy of the city’s high society.

In 1831, a beautiful socialite by the name of Madame Lalaurie purchased the house with her third husband, Dr. Louis Lalaurie. Like many of the wealthiest members of society then, Madame Lalaurie owned slaves. But, she tortured and abused her slaves, day nd night. Neighbors soon discovered she was a cruel woman, when one of her own slave set fire to the house.

As the fire burned, several people broke down the door to the slave quarters, and they pulled seven severely maltreated and malnourished slaves from the building, two of whom later died from their mistreatment. Two others were found buried on the premises. Over the years, the house has been bought, and then quickly abandoned by the new owners because of unexplained paranormal activities. Recently, during its renovation to high-end apartments, more of LaLaurie’s hidden graveyards were discovered within the floorboards.

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