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Hansel And Gretel Comparison Essay

Have you ever walked into the bathroom and surprisingly, looking at a large, bountiful amount of turd in your toilet? Or have you ever had to use your common sense to find your way home after your parents abandoned you in the forest? In order to get out of these situations, you’d have to be persistent, brave and optimistic. Hansel and Gretel from Hansel and Gretel and David from Big Boy are examples of what it takes to be persistent, brave and optimistic. Hansel, Gretel and David has also shown the trait of being knowledgeable. Gretel.

Near a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter and his ife and his two children; the boy’s name was Hansel and the girl’s Gretel. They had very little to bite or to sup. “What will Hansel and become of us? We can’t even feed our children” the husband murmured sadly. “I’ll tell you what husband,” answered the wife in a the stern, yet mysterious tone. The wife stated to the husband referring that they should bring the children, into the thickest parts of the forest, make then a fire and pretentiously leave them there to starve.

The wife vigorously protested, “then we will go to our work and they will never find their way home again. Gretel wept bitterly when she had heard what her tepmother was about to do. Hansel said gently trying to comfort his sister, “It is not all over with us. Do be quiet Gretel, and do not fret. I will manage something. ” When their parents had gone to sleep he got up, put on his little coat, opened the back door, and slipped out. The moon was shining brightly, and the white flints that lay in front of the house glistened like pieces of silver.

Hansel stooped and filled the little pockets of his coat as full as it would hold. “Get up, you lazy bones, we are going into the forest to cut wood,” the stepmother cried. “On their journey towards the thickest parts of the woods, “Hansel stood till and looked back towards the house, and this he did again and again. ” “O father”, said Hansel, “I am looking at my little white kitten, who is sitting up on the roof to bid me good-bye. ” Of course Hansel had not being looking at his kitten, but had been taking every now and then flints from his pocket and dropping it on the road.

It was now the third day since they had left their father’s house. They tried to get back home, instead, they only found themselves farther in the thick dark woods, much closer to death; if help had not soon come they would have starved. Aimlessly sauntering they followed a pretty now- white bird to a little house built of bread; roofed with cakes and the window was of transparent sugar. “VWe will have some of this,” said Hansel “and make a fine meal. I will eat a piece of the roof, Gretel, and you can have some of the window – that will taste sweet. ” Ah, my dear children, how come you here?

You must come indoors and stay with me, you’ll be no trouble,” the creepy old widow in the house proclaimed. The old woman, although her behaviour was so kind, she is wicked and evil hearted, who lay in wait of children, and had built the little house on purpose to entice them. She enjoys killing, cooking, nd eating young innocent children. The witch’s eyes were red, and she couldn’t see very far, but she had a keen scent and knew very well when humans were near. Early in the morning, before the children were awake, she got up to look at them, as they lay sleeping so peacefully with round rosy red cheeks.

She then grasped Hansel with her withered hand; then led him into a little stable. Hansel stayed for the rest of their unpleasant stay. She then went back to wake Gretel, crying, “Get up, lazy bones; fetch water, and cook something nice for your brother, he is outside in the stable, and must be fattened up, and when he is at enough I will eat him. ” Each morning the old woman visited the little stable, and cried, “Hansel! “, stretch out your finger, that I may tell if you will soon be fat enough. “Hansel, however, held out a little bone;” the old woman, who had weak eyes, could not see what it was, she had thought it was Hansel’s finger.

She wondered quite a lot why he was not getting fatter. When four weeks had passed and hansel seemed to remain so thin, the witch lost her patience and could wait no longer wait. Early next morning Gretel had to get up, make the fire, and fill the kettle with boiled water. “First we will do the baking,” stated the witch. I have heated the oven already, and kneaded the dough. ” She pushed poor Gretel towards the oven, out of which the flames were already shining, releasing heat of which must have felt like she was on a deserted island. Creep in; see if the oven is properly hot, so that the bread may be baked,” the witch suggested.

“Gretel once in, she meant to shut the door upon her and let her be baked, then she would have eaten her. ” Gretel perceived her intentions, and said, “I don’t know to do it; how shall I get in? ” “Stupid goose,” said the old woman, “the opening is big enough, do you see? I could get in myself! ” She stooped own and put her head in the oven’s mouth. This way, there would be no chances of her getting out. Oh how frightfully she howled! Gretel rapidly ran to Hansel, and left the wicked witch to burn miserably.

Gretel went straight to Hansel, open the stable-door, they both cried in each other’s arms, crying joyful tears. “We are free, the witch is dead! ” Big Boy. This is a story about one of David’s most unforgettable moment. This is not a story about journeys or witches that prey upon innocent children. This is a story about seeing or doing things you normally think you won’t do, but eventually, you’ll realize that ou do those things, just to enjoy two minutes in the bathroom. “It was Easter Sunday in Chicago, my sister Amy and I were attending an afternoon dinner at the home of our friend john.

The weather was nice, and he’d set up a table in the backyard so we might sit in the sun. Everyone had taken their places, when I excused myself to visit the bathroom, and there, in the toilet, was the absolute biggest turd I have ever seen in my life- no toilet paper or anything, just this long and coiled specimen, as thick as a burrito. ” David’s plan was to urinate and maybe run a little water over his face, instead he’d have to clean up someone lse’s crappy business.

“I flushed the toilet and the big turd trembled. ” It shifted position, but that was it, nothing more nor nothing less. I thought briefly about leaving it behind for someone else to take care of it. ” I flushed the toilet a second time;” the turd spun in a lazy circle. “Go on,” David whispered. Just then someone knocked on the door and he’d started to panic. “Just a minute! ” David’s trembling lips pronounced. “I flushed the toilet and the big turd trembled. ” It shifted position, but that was it, nothing more nor nothing less. “I thought briefly about leaving it behind for someone else to take care of it.

I seriously considered lifting the turd out of the toilet and tossing it out the window. John lived on the ground floor and a dozen people were seated at the picnic table ten feet away, throwing the turd through the window wasn’t a risk David could take. “I’ll be out in a second” he explained. “I scrambled for a plunger and used the handle to break the turd into manageable pieces. ” While waiting for the tank to refillI, I thought maybe I should watch my hair. It wasn’t dirty, I just needed some sort of excuse to cover the amount of time I was spending in the bathroom. “Quick,” I thought. “Do something.

By now the other guests were probably thinking I was the type of person that uses dinner parties as an opportunity to defecate and catch up on my reading. ” “Here come, I’m just washing up. ” David restated. “One more flush and it was all over. The thing was gone and out of my life. ” “I was left thinking that the person who’d abandoned the huge turd had no problem with it, so why did I? Why the big deal? Had it been left there to teach me a lesson? Had a lesson been learn’t? Did it have anything to do with Easter? I resolved to put it all behind me, I then stepped outside to begin examining the suspects.

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