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Giovanni Bellini Research Paper

When you see a painting somebody calls “famous”, what is your first initial thought? Maybe, who created this, or what is this? Some painters and artists are unappreciated today, like Giovanni Bellini. Giovanni Bellini is a very well known artist for making many beautiful pieces of art. Most of his art was religious and included many famous holy characters like Jesus and The Virgin Mary. He has a wide background connecting to artists, he was born into a family of great artists and painters. This made him strive to be one like his other close family members.

Not many people knew much about his artistic abilities until his very first pieces of art. Giovanni Bellini’s early life was started with parents, Jacopo Bellini (father) and Anna Rinversi (mother), born in 1430 in Venice, Italy. He lived in an era when Venice was a powerful trading empire at the crossroads of Europe. He was born into a family of painters, and had two siblings. Gentile Bellini, his brother, received superior training from his father, Jacopo who was considered one of the fathers of renaissance art. Jacopo had a goal of transforming his children into very well educated painters like him.

Many described Giovanni and Gentile great brothers considering the strong bond they shared. He also had a sister named Nicolosia Bellini who he was not very close with. Giovanni received much of his training from his father, some of his work had been documented to start as early as the 1450’s. Most of the work he created was usually created with his father or near him for honest feedback. Two of his early paintings were called, “Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels” and “Dead Christ Supported by Mary and Saint John Evangelista.

They were beautiful pieces of art that included holy figures and bright but bold stories described within each picture. A lot of art in early eras included holy figures. Giovanni Bellini made sure that in each piece of art he published there was a holy figure and story. Some even included the same story within each picture. The important thing was the unique and skilled abilities to paint these works of art and the description it takes to make each painting perfect. Not many people see that and give much credit to the artist.

If the amount of work and dedication Giovanni Bellini put into pieces of art were added up, many would be shocked. He started working with art at a young age following in his father and brothers footsteps. The paintings Bellini painted also told a story and gave off much emotion. In his middle age years, he made a name and reputation throughout his artwork. He began to abandoned the older and more common painting style of tempera and move more into oil paints around the 1470’s. This brightened up Bellinis perspective and love for color.

It soon improved the real-life quality of his paintings. Over time they became more realistic looking and descriptive. Considering his paintings included mostly people, this was great and more and more people became interested. A lot of his work was convincing and made many people experience emotion and real feeling. It was during this time that Giovanni was offered a position at the Doge’s Palace in Venice. He painted panels, portraits and altarpieces in the palace, and oversaw further work for the rest of his life.

He was offered to bring his skill to the Doge’s Palace in Venice, because of his wonderful and wide range of artistic ability. He painted panels in the palaces large and beautiful hall, and did many other wonderful things around. Bellini was a great artists and that’s why he was offered many wonderful positions, he was creative and unique in the best ways. His earlier and middle years of hard work really showed throughout his work. He would take his work serious and would usually take a long time to publish a painting.

Art was taken very seriously during the renaissance so artists and architects took their work very seriously. Giovanni Bellini painted frequently up until he died around the age of 90. He was a great artists and had many talents and continued to work with oil paints for very long. During the last 15 years of his life, he was very overwhelmed with recommendations to paint his breathtaking works of art everywhere and anywhere. In spite of the fact that he was a wonderful painter, he was well known to be the best in Venice.

Giovanni was always excited to take in new styles and designs from other artists. Not only would he take recommendations from others, he would really consider lots of the ideas people and artists gave to him. He often looked to fellow pupils and family members for more ideas and he worked very add up until the day he would say his last goodbye. He took a big interest in secular images of mythology and landscapes. Lots of interest was mostly in 2 things, holy figures and beauty throughout the art work.

Giovanni Bellini never had a dull painting, all of his work made sure to tell a story. Many people don’t realize how great Giovanni Bellini was and is. Even though he passed in November 1516, he is still remembered today as a great artists and more specifically a great painter. He made sure love and god were described to a pin point within his artwork. One quote that proves this would be, “whatever a person may be like, we must still love them because we love god. ” No person should go through life unloved, he believed that love was a very important necessity to carry throughout life.

He was a great man and did many great things. So,e of his most famous paintings like, “The Feast of the Gods” ,”Agony in the Garden” and, “Madonna del Prato” included holy figures. Most art during the renaissance did. Architects and artists like Bellini often included holy story in picture or design form. Architects put it/them in building design, and artists would put it in paintings or drawings. Giovanni Bellini was a wonderful artist and person. He did many remarkable things in the 86 years of living, no painting or moment was ever dull.

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