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Germany during the Hitler Regime

The topic I chose to write my essay about is, “Did any thing in this movie change your mind about Germany during the Hitler Regime? (Or Nazi years)” I would have to answer that question with a response that is not one hundred percent clear cut. On the one hand, I do not think so, because I already knew Hitler and the Nazi party were horrible people. They did do awful thing such as the concentration camps, taking over other countries and etc. What I did not know however, was that there was a lack supplies given to the German citizen to use.

Another thing that I never knew was how closely the citizens were being watched by the Gestapo and other Hitler organizations. The movie did not change my mind to have sense of any sympathy for the Nazis, it did make me more disgusted with them and there behavior, if such a thing is possible. I feel the people of Germany did not all support him. In fact, I think most detested him and were just afraid to do anything about it and that is what made me change mind about Germany during that time. First off, the Nazi time was a dark and awful time in the history of the world itself.

Those several years they had the power of Germany were most likely the grimmest days for the country. The movie had just shown what was already known. An example of this is in the scene where the Nazis were giving a lecture and the students were outraged. The students were so outraged that they begun to riot. The Nazis, in the movie, gave a speech that women should go to school and they also gave other derogatory and chauvinistic statements. They had many people killed who were suspected of treason. Even if the people were innocent and there was no conclusive evidence.

Secondly, I learned more about the wrong-doings of the Hitler administration when I found out the lack of supplies allowed to the people and how they were so suspicious of everyone. In the film, the group needed more stamps, paper, etc. to get there flyers to places the flyers need to go to help the rebellion. The postal workers would have to report anyone who bought a lot of stamps their supervisor. Hans’s sister went in the morning, evening and night just to get the supplies. They had to steal paper from the school and business offices. It just goes to show the trouble the citizens of Germany had to deal with.

Lastly, I would like to state the movie influenced me in way that I did change my mind about the German people who were not Nazis or did not support Nazis. It is true that when most people think of Germany in the late 1930’s to halfway through the 1940’s, you think of the Hitler regime and I feel that most people tend to forget that although the United states were at war with Germany, not all the people of Germany were against us. Also, I think many do not know there even was a resistance to stop the war. Perhaps if more people knew, there would be change in their opinions of Germany as well.

This movie did change my mind somewhat about Germany during the Hitler regime. Instead of stereotypes that all Germans were Nazis or hated Jews back then is wrong and it should be changed. There many like the Scholls and they tried to end the madness and chaos. Those who fought and gave their lives for peace and liberty deserve some recognition and restitution. They deserve it for being so brave and dying for what they believe in. The movie did change mind so that when I think of Germany, the years of Hitler’s reign, that do not for get that they did exist. All those who did something should not be forgotten.

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