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Gender Selection In Medical Technology Essay

The mere fact that we have traveled far in medical technology is amazing but the misuse of gender selection technologies and the lack of restrictions is repulsive. Lack of restrictions on how the medical community uses the technologies they upgrade and invent is unethical,the medical community should have limitations on how they use their technologies,specifically the gender selection technologies.

Technologies used for gender selection was used for determining if the fetus has the genetic disease or disorder that the parent has but now are used to select the gender of the embryo and there are variety of ways to o so but those should be exclusively for those who have a genetic disease or disorder and as well for those who can’t conceive but not for those who just want that gender for balancing their family.

Although it may seem that this is unfair but it sure is not due to the fact that this technology can go as far as choosing the color of eyes of your baby and lead essentially designing what our babies looks like which goes into a whole other ethical issue and argument. The start of it all happened in the 1970s being able to know what gender was an extraordinary discovery during that time. Which is great and that we can now know the gender of the fetus but it doesn’t affect the natural selection process as does gender selection.

Gender selection should only be available to those who have a genetic disease or disorder and be illegal for those who do not because it helps the parents who have a genetic disease or disorder from passing it on to their child and prevent it from happening. The reason it should be illegal or not allowed for parents who want a specific gender due to the reason they don’t have a genetic disorder so there is no reason why they should e allowed to have this choice and it would mess with nature and nurture.

In the 1970s, the possibility of gender identifying was possible by the development of the ultrasound and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) (http://www. gallup. com/poll/148187/americans- prefer-boys-girls-1941. aspx). The amount of Americans who want a boy over a girl is remarkably similar to the amount surveyed in 1971. In 2011, 40% of people surveyed were leaning towards having a boy and 28% of people wanted a girl and the last 32% didn’t have a preference or no opinion. In 1941, the ercentages were 38% preferring a boy to a girl and 28% preferring a girl. http://www. gallup. com/poll/148187/americans- prefer-boys-girls-1941. aspx) There are three reason as to why someone would choose gender selection one being for a medical reason meaning the low risk of passing on a disorder that is genetic, Two to balance their family meaning that they want to have a child with a different gender due to the reason that they have one or more kids with the same gender and lastly simply preferring of a certain gender such as in certain religion (http://www. who. nt/genomics/gender/en/index4. html).

In certain countries such as china or India where they prefer boys over girls, there is a fear of unbalancing or devaluing of females which have occurred in these countries, the unbalanced of sex. The statistics and the amount of people who were surveyed show that more prefer a son of a daughter were it would cause a nurture disruption considering the amount who would rather have a son. Those people will be less nurturing towards a daughter and the wanting of a son and be able to get that will cause an imbalance men in society and a number of women.

The decrease in females if this is available to anyone for nonmedical reasons it would devalue the worth of women. The fact that more people prefer a son over a daughter is just the reason why women are more devalued compared to men. If this gender selection technology is used for non-medical reasons it can cause a misshift of in balancement of genders. Therefore, it should only be available for medical reasons and not be misused in such a way for those who just WANT a son or daughter for just the balancement of the family or the wanting of a daughter or son.

The amount of disorders that affect more to one gender and is genetic is immense and having the ability to choose the gender to were it a less high risk for the disorder or disease to pass to then why shouldn’t they have it? The population that have the genetic disease or disorder and want to have children are using this technology to good use. lf it were to be available for non-medical reasons it could lead to essentially designing their own child which is ethically immoral.

The restriction on medical community has to using such technology isn’t really existent among them once invented and sed it could be used for anything to be honest and no restrictions is just unjust. The amount of people who want a baby boy compared to a baby girl is eye opening looking at the percentages, if they get to choose the gender of their child it is like choosing donald trump as president,it’s just not right or ethical. There are 40% of people surveyed who were leaning towards having a boy and 28% of people wanted a girl and the last 32% did not have a preference or no opinion.

In 1941 the percentages were 38% preferring a boy to a girl and 28% preferring a girl. (http://www. gallup. om/poll/148187/americans- prefer-boys-girls-1941. aspx)exampling that those who wanted a certain gender they honestly would probaly use this technology for those purposes to have what they want. In some relgions thye perfer men over women so if this would be avalible to ll the imbalancement of the gender scale will occur causing curroption upon the natrual selection adn the nurture part as well considering most perfer to have a male child to a girl child.

There are other reasons some disagree with having the ability to choose your child’s gender which is that the embryos used in ne technique are in fact real fetus which is not true considering they are not developed but brings a good point when they say that they throw away the embryos of the unwanted gender well instead of doing this to donated them to other couples or person wanting to have a child. So in turn it should be a right provided only for medical reason and patients with genetic disordern or disease as well those who can not concieve a child but to other who have perfectly healthy bodys to not be an option fro those people. n certain countries such as china or india where they prefer boys over girls there is a fear of nbalancing or devaluing of females which has occurred in the these countries, the unbalancment of sexs. Thisn is anthor promblem brought up that if we are trying to value women equally why not let the technologies be misused in such a way were religons or anyone can throw devalument upon females who have already experienced devaluement among pay and other things.

The mere fact that the restrictions are seemingly not there is replusive due to the fact that in order to grow in the medical feild there should be restrictions on how technologies are used but there is not. The understandment of were these parents are coming they want to be able to use it to have a gender they do not already have but it should not be used to essientsaly design your child. lf this techlolgy contuines the way it is now there would not much indivuduality among us all we can have same facial features same height same of practally everything ,We become something unhuman and unatrual.

Those who disagree assert that it is right for them to be able to choose the gender of their child because of the fact that they have a child or children of the same gender and now want to ave a child with the opposite gender. Such as wanting a child of the female sex to show her sons that women are to be respected and loved or can be there best friend as well. This fact is that even though the parent has a son they can still teach their sons the value of respecting women and that women deserve love without having a daughter.

The fact that this is one of the arguments meg o’donnell uses is absurd. Although the families long for the gender to balance their family,the understanding is there but it shouldn’t be used in this way there s always a way to have a daughter suggestion being adoption. Another argument that she made was that the embryos that were not chosen are then decided to be done with according to the couple’s. Well although this is a very great use of the embryos it still does put the way the medical equipment is being used misused.

The luxury of this is so extravagant especially for parents carrying a genetic disease having that experience and opportunity would be used more effectively than those without a genetic disease seeking a girl or boy. Bioethics Volume 15, Issue 5-6, Article The author gives an xample of imagining that there is two embryos and also by describing an analogy of wheel of fortune and comparing that to gender selection.

The author use as the following as an example ; that Embryo A has no abnormalities and is perfectly healthy after being tested and Embryo B has no abnormalities but it is found that the embryo has asthma and then going on to say that you would choose Embryo A due to the reason that the embryo would better way of life. Which gives more insight to the reason that this should be used for those who have a genetic isease that would be very toxic to their child.

When choosing a embryo the patient would want the embryo to be the best and have the more likely chance to have a better life. For example if an embryo with the predisposition to asthma which can cause shortness of breath and in the most toxic cases death which no parent wants to go through. The mist of it all is that sex selection should only be classified as it is now for patients and medical reasons. Although it is very great the way it is being used non medically it still isn’t really being an impact at all except for the gender wanted.

The use should only be used for medical reasons due to the reasons that there are cases where a female are more likely to get sickle disease compared to males which would help lower the risk of it being passed on. Keep in mind that there are many children out there with wanting of parents and the ones who are misusing the technology there’s a solution that can be used for there longing for a daughter or son. The reason this is so important is that if the restrictions are put on certain technologies such as gender selection technologies it’s important for it not to be misused.

There are other ways parents seeking a child of a certain gender can get what they want, but main fact is that gender technologies should only be available for clients that have genetic disorders that can be passed down to a certain gender as well as available to those who can’t conceive. There is many other reasons as well being that parents have for ages had children and not know what the gender till a certain week or birth having this luxury is only necessary medically because it was worked towards being used in that way.

Here’s a question for all who read if you had the chance to know what the gender of the fetus is and know that he or she would not carry your diseases would you do it? having the luxury to be able to know and choose the gender it will less likely pass to is such an amazing feeling for the parent with the disease. Giving thst oppertunity to them is amaizng but also giving this to parents who just want a certain gender it isn’t as luxuries.

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