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Geek Girl Character Development Essay

Character Development and Characterization In the story, all the character’s actions were believable since all the character’s actions would be exactly identical to human beings behavior in the Earth. For instance, Harriet went to Tokyo for a modeling job. That seems reasonable, but it does sound difficult. Another example would be that Harriet and her boyfriend broke up. That does happen in the real world too. A portion of the character’s actions of the story was somewhat memorable. Not all of them were but some were. An example would be Harriet’s new sibling.

You can technically say that was a memorable moment at the time although, Harriet was across the world and got the news and she wasn’t too excited about that. I sympathized with the protagonist during the entire story. Harriet did face many obstacles during the examination of the novel. Ever since Harriet went to Tokyo, conflicts kept coming her way; in Tokyo and in her home. I was very touched that Harriet transformed from geek to a model and how she is not able to get tormented which still occurs in this world. Previously, she was bullied, but now she is recognized as a model for what he is capable of doing.

She never thought that her life had come to this, but it did ultimately. Plot The beginning, middle and the end of the novel was pretty clear. In the beginning of the novel, Harriet had introduced herself which makes it clear on what here life looks now as a model. When you introduce yourself, people have a good understanding of your life now. The middle was probably the clearest. The middle flowed surprisingly well with the novel. The ending flowed well from the start to the end of the book. The opening of the book had really hooked me into the novel.

Within he beginning of the novel, Harriet has introduced herself from what occurred from the previous book (which is the first book of the series Geek Girl) to the current book. After reading the first page, I needed to read more of the book as it is pretty manageable to follow through and had a superior storyline. The middle will never sag as it is very interesting to see the slight twists in the book. In the middle, conflicts appear and the conflicts that already happened got more worse. With that middle, it made the novel more mysterious as it would continue in the end of the book. The ending for me in the case was completely unexpected.

In the ending, Harriet and Nick get back together. I thought that they would never get back together but in the end, it seems like it. Part of the ending was Harriet leaving Tokyo. I would obviously predict that would happen because she just took the job over the summer and would have to come home. Also because, Harriet would be forced by her step- mother to see her brand new sibling being brought in the family. I infer that Harriet would not want to see her new sibling because she would have to take care of her new sibling and she s also a model which also makes more work for her in the end.

Theme In the novel, Harriet Manners (the main protagonist of the novel) has converted from nerd to a model. In my opinion, the main message behind my novel is that everybody is a human being and everybody should be treated fairly. Referring to the novel, before Harriet had transformed into a model, she has threatened by most of her classmates at her high school. Just because Harriet is a geek, that doesn’t mean that she can’t be bothered by her classmates. We should all be treated equally, no matter how diverse you are to anybody. Holly Smale has also said that she was exactly like Harriet.

She was threatened for her first two years in her high school and at the age of 15, she converted into a model. She thought it would be exciting to convert her story and shape that into a novel. Which turned out to be a New York best-seller. The novel didn’t have me think of anything. All information was given in the book. I did have some thoughts about the book but they would be answered during the reading of the novel. The book was fascinating and delightful to read. The novel had caught my eye when I was trying to find he perfect book to read. After reading the first page, I found the novel really enjoyable and Harriet quite intriguing.

After continuously reading the book, I would always sympathize for Harriet. Overall, I thought this book was one of the best novels I have ever read from all my other books I have chosen to read. Point of View The author which is Holly Smale, was continuously consistent with her way of writing. The story has flowed with the style of writing. The whole book was very understanding. The novel was told in a passive voice to intrigue the audience. The passive oice is told by Harriet Manners. Setting In the beginning of the book, the setting took place in Harriet’s home which is in London, England..

When Harriet went to go get the job, she was temporarily living in Tokyo, Japan. In the ending, Harriet had went back into her home in England to uncover many surprises that had occurred when she left. I think that for Harriet, going to Tokyo, Japan was memorable for her because she was always a fan for many models in Tokyo and also one of her friends had went there before. She was a fan for also their taste in fashion as it is better than England fashion. Also, Harriet was so tired of living in England so she needed to fresh up by getting a temporary modeling career in Tokyo, Japan.

Holly Smale who is the author of the book has evoked my curiosity a lot ever since I have started reading this book. She has completely blew my mind from the style of writing she has used, to the creativity and love she had put into the book. She was thinking really hard to create this book as it is full of surprises and awesomeness. One of the scenes in the novel that had really stood out the most is the scene where Harriet had made her decisions to go to Tokyo for a temporary summer areer there because it is the most important scene and more half the novel shows of Harriet going to Tokyo, Japan.

Also because Harriet going to Tokyo had impacted her a lot in her life; in Tokyo and in London, England, which is her home. Another scene that was also significant was when Harriet and her boyfriend Nick broke up because Harriet would live a difficult life without her significant other. She needs to be confident in herself and be more independent. General questions about the book It took me approximately one week to finish the book. The book had around three hundred pages. I was so into the book that I couldn’t let it go.

It was just a spectacular book to read when you are bored. I would only stop if there was a scene I could not visualize in my mind. So I had to read that specific scene once or twice more to get a clear understanding of that specific part of the novel. Also, if I did not remembered what had happened in the book before, I would have to read at least a page before just to remember what happened in the previous part. I wouldn’t just stop the whole book and read it again. However, the book was really enjoyable to read and to understand.

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