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Gay Marriages Report

The constitution states that all men are created equal. If this is true, then why is there so much controversy involving a person’s sexual preference? Martin Luther King said it best when he stated that everyone has a dream. Why then rain on someone’s dream when all they want to do is love each other? Homosexuals are fighting for what they deserve: the freedom that every citizen has the right to love whoever they want to. Let us discuss what gay relationships are really all about. The stereotype has it that homosexuality is only about “dirty” sex. On the other hand, homosexuality is merely a preference and much more about love and affection.

All relationships, including gay ones, are based on mutual attraction, love and affection. People in love get married everyday so what harm is done to society if a law is passed legalizing same sex marriages? I say let them lead their lives how they see fit. People’s stereotypes and society’s hypocritical views on people all affect the gay community in reaching their goals. People are artificial when the topic of homosexuality is concerned. Normal society will say they are in favor of equal rights for homosexuals, but when talking about same sex marriage, the society does not agree with that.

Statistics show that nearly three in four people are against gay marriages. The reason for that is that normal individuals do not know what the meaning of homosexuality is. The different definitions of what marriage should be conflict between homosexuals and heterosexuals. People oppose gay marriages because it is based on the assumption that gays have a choice in who they can feel attracted to, but reality is different. Many people believe that gays could choose to be heterosexual if they really wanted to. But in essence, most homosexuals do not have a choice.

Gay couples are capable of loving children as straight couples. Although, society does not accept the idea of homosexual couples raising children. I do not understand why that would be a problem. The reason being that scientific studies have shown children raised with normal parents and homosexual parents are the same. Psychologists tell us that what makes the difference is the love given from the parents, not the gender. It is fact that many gay couples raise adopted children and with as much love and care as a heterosexual couple would raise their children.

Additionally, many people believe that homosexuality in general is only about sex but it is more than that. Homosexual marriages should not have any effect on homosexuals today. Homosexuals do not bother anyone and keep to themselves. Logically, no harm is done in our society because they lead their own private lives. Gay communities are built to help each other and to support the rights of homosexuals when they are being threatened. They want to have the same rights as heterosexuals have so they can live their lives peacefully and productively in society.

As I can see today, homosexuals are harmless people, highly educated and progressive in the arts and business. Since they can earn a living for themselves, and show love to one another, government should respect their choices and human rights. The gay community is fearless. They are fearless because they have fought so many battles in clash between homophobic people and themselves. People are not very open minded when it comes to the gay community. They fear that homosexuals will corrupt them in some way or are dangerous to their children. These ideas are all part of society’s misleading views.

Not only are homosexuals looked down upon because of their sexual preference, but also the discrimination is worse when minorities are involved. Generally, people should be treated equally no matter what. The way you live your personal life is your choice, not the choice of the government or society. In the constitution, it states that every human being has the right to privacy. So, why can homosexuals not practice their own right for privacy? Why can they not get married? Any Jack and Jill on the street can get “hitched. ” I think it is time for Jack and Jack to have a nice ceremony too.

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