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Eye Of The Tiger-Personal Narrative

After school I was driving home in my black V6 Ford Mustang. Eye of The Tiger by Survivor was blasting through the speakers. My family owned a huge land in the forest near the lake called Otter Bay. The land was big enough to house all the pack and their families. They all had their own house. I lived with my mum and dad. My dad’s name is Ben. He is the Alpha of the Lake City pack. He is 6ft 4 and has the same green eye color and brown hair as mine or should I say I have the same as his. He is well respected in our community and most of the other pack in the country are our allies.

Until his alive nobody will take over our pack. There were times when rouge packs tried but they all failed. My dad believes in fairness and forgiveness, but in my opinion there are things that cannot be forgiven. He would be furious with me if he knew what I was doing with Mia. Dad knows she had Rafael’s scent, but he only wanted to focus on her parents Sophia and Henry. We could never figure out how they were meeting and where. For a while we suspected there could be an underground tunnel somewhere around their home, but did not find any proof its existence. Mia’s parents disappeared a couple weeks ago.

Dad and couple others from our pack followed them into the woods one day where they lost sight of them and their scent also disappeared. Still not sure how they managed to do that. Someone had to hepl them. It is still not clear why they left Mia behind. My uncle James, from my dad’s side is still after them. He is one of our best tracker and he will find them and bring them back. My mum is a sweeatheart. Her name is Dianne. She is just simply amazing. She is very friendly and generous. Her bright blond hair just reaches her shoulder. She has green eyes, a bit darker than mine and dad’s. We had a big farmhouse with a wraparound porch.

It was in different shades of grey with white window frames. Had 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. My mother’s favourite place was the kitchen. It was white with a huge marble benchtop. She loved cooking but left the baking to her best friend Anna. They have even spent more time together since Emilia was taken. Anna fell into a deep depression, luckily my mum and other pack memebers were able to bring her hope back and make her believe we will find her. 15 years later I think we are finally getting close. With Mia’s secrets revealed, we will know where she is. My dad called for a meeting tonight urgently.

He had his people looking for Emilia all over the country, maybe he has good news. He doesn’t think Mia has anything to do with this. I think her young age blinds dad and as always he only tries to see the good in poeple until they proven guilty. But Mia had to have contact with Rafael. In the last couple of weeks the scent had been fading, but it’s still there. After Emilia was taken by Rafael no more babies were born. There was a gypsy fortune teller that said ” The Lost One will be the only one to help you bring back your future. ” We asked every pack in America if they had anybody taken from them, but only Emilia was.

If we did not find her the werewolves whole existence was in jeopardy. We were going to be extinct. Rafael was crazy. He took Emilia because he found out there was something special about us. Nobody ever mated before they were 18. We found out she was my mate after she was born. According to the same gypsy fortune teller ” The youngest mates will unite us all and peace will follow. ” Rafael took Emilia to ensure it will not happen. He strives on pain and suffering. He lost his mate a long time ago and ever since he is collecting rouge wolves to enjoy his pack. He wants to be the Ultimate Alpha. One Alpha to control every pack in America.

I believed Mia was Rafael’s spy. He liked to work with humans sometimes. He promised them he will turn them. They never had a chance. Humans simply cannot be turned . They would die in an hour. – Hey mum, dad ! – I said when I walked in the kitchen. – Oh, hi honey. How was school? – My mum was asking. – It was ok, mum. Dad what is the meeting about? Did you find out something? – Son, we will talk about it on the meeting when everybody is present. Please be patient. – my dad sounded a bit more firm than usual. – Dad is there something wrong? – I was getting nervous. – Everything is fin, Hunter, don’t worry! – he said than left the kitchen.

Are you hungry, darling? We have steak and roasted vegetables. Anna and Sam will bring the dessert over before we leave for the meeting. – Yes, mum. It sounds great. I am hungry. – I told mum. It was better not to push dad. I knew I will never get anything out of him before the meeting. After I ate I went to take a shower and got ready. It was held at the clearing we head in the middle of the forest. It was our property so no human was wondering around the area. There was no chance to be discovered when we were out on a run in our wolf forms. I decided to walk alone to the clearing and try to clear my head before I got there…..

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