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Examples Of Personal Eulogy Essay

His name was Bradley Tolman. He was born on March 21, 1998 in Madison Memorial Hospital, in the city of Rexburg, Idaho. As a child Brad was an extremely hilarious kid, he was always smiling and laughing. There was always one thing about him that he would always do, he tied his blanket around his neck like a cape, and put on a pair of sunglasses, ran around the house saying “I’m Batman”. He would save people from the bad guys. Then there was this time when he wanted his mom to cut his hair right before school; because he wanted to go to school with his hair short.

It was about time the bus should have been coming to pick them up. He really wanted his hair cut so much that he ran into the house, grabbed his dad’s electric razor, and trimmed about an inch of hair off in a straight line. Right before the bus showed up so for his first day of school he went with part of his head shaved. Later in life, during his teenage years, he attended Hobbs Middle School and Shelley High School. During his high school years, Brad had met so many new people, and made just as many friends. But it wasn’t until his Junior, and Senior years that he started hanging out with his friends, outside of school.

Some days he wouldn’t get home till almost dark; because he would hang out with them so long. But alas the fun had to come to an end. During his senior year he dated this freshman and, that was his first mistake, they dated for about a month. When they finally broke up, she had told him that she had been cheating on him with her ex. That day he came home sad, hurt, and in pain and when he went to school the next day, him and his group of friends were accused by his ex that they had been bullying, her and after he heard that he went into a blind rage.

He ended up getting locked behind a door, but after that he realized that she wasn’t worth it, and forgot about her but never the lesson he learned when they were together. Some of the hobbies he had was he danced with the ballroom company Extreme ballroom, he hunted, fished, enjoyed everything that has to do with the outdoors. There was this one time he told me while he was fishing. He was walking on the creek bed moving to a beaver dam, he was planning on fly fishing at, when he looked over and saw a brown bear and her cubs playing in the water on the other side of the beaver dam.

He stopped in his tracks, watching the bears thinking that they hadn’t noticed his presents, or they were just ignoring him, he slowly retraced his steps and moved back into the tree line. He kept on moving down the creek looking for another spot to fish. While he danced with Extreme he learned so many life lessons and made lifelong friends. He told me some of his future goals he had for instance the first one was to get married. He also wanted to become the best mechanic that he could be; because he loved working on cars, trucks, and pretty much anything that can move on the road or dirt.

Another goal he had was he wanted to become a loving father, just like his old man; he wanted to grow old with his wife, while watching his kids grow up and become successful in their lives. He also wanted to see his girlfriend for the first and last time and see the look that she had on her face when he gave her the gifts that he had gotten for her; because he thought she would enjoy it; also he knew how much she loved stuffed animals. Some of the things Brad was, was he had a very big heart. He was always listening to other people complain about what was wrong with their lives, and he just listened, and gave advice when they asked for it.

He also never complained to others about his problems, he kept them to himself. He was also always looking out for people, whether they were friends, family, or complete strangers, he was always making sure that they were okay. Not in any physical or mental pain. Right up to the end he was smiling and laughing just like when he was little except he would make jokes to try and get people to laugh at him or by doing something stupid. He had a bright future not just as a mechanic or a loving father, but just by being the great man that he would have become.

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