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Essay On Moon Landing Hoax

The moon landing was first introduced to me in the christmas break. I was on holiday and the moon landing got mentioned, ever since this got talked with my family I have been interested if the moon landing was actually a hoax. I am interested in this to find out if the truth about the moon landing was real or why we have been told a lie for just over a half of a century. The moon landing is a memory of the past. Neil Armstrong emerging from the Apollo 11 and said the words ‘A small step for for man, a giant step for mankind’ These words were looking like it may have been scripted.

There are some theories that the whole oon landing propaganda was a script all together. The first moon landing conspiracy was made 1970’s, according to Conspiracies history greatest plots, the moon landing by Charlotte Corey. People have their different beliefs on what happened on the moon landing and if it did really happen or if it was just a hoax that people believe did happen. In my opinion it didn’t happen it was just a hoax. My three questions that I would like answered are: How and why the moon landing was faked? If we did go to the moon, Why haven’t we gone back?

Why does Nasa/Scientist cover up the conspiracies, What is the ruth? I would like these answered as it will help me in my answers wither the Moon landing was faked or it was true and people just made up rumors about the whole moon landing being faked. why did we go to the moon? Ok, if we did go to the moon that NASA claims, there must be apparent reason/s why we went to the moon. How it all started was: “The driving reason was the Cold War competition with the Soviet Union” said Launius, senior curator of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Without, that it wouldn’t have happened. ” Global friction was in at the 1960’s between the world leading uperpowers. It wasn’t direct in armed conflict, but the Soviet Union and United states were building an argument for supermacy. There is a conspiracy theory about this however the US staged the whole moon landing as it was called the “Space Race” and America wanted to beat the Soviet Union. This then leads to the president of the United States John F.

Kennedy announced on May 25th, 1961 America intention wa to go to the moon, This was more than likely the case of showing up terrestrial enemies than exploring the extraterrestrial world. The Americans felt like their communist adversaries had them n ropes according to seeker. com why did we go to the moon, “It was designed to solve a political problem. ” Lanunis said. “So we decided to engage in this major scientific and technological endeavor and prove the world that we were second to none. Lanuius also stated. This was widely driven by political competition, U. S and the Soviet space agencies both had their minds set on the moon, but did the average citizen realize that the cold war was forcing driving the space race? In the back of people’s minds did they know the space race was going on,”Clearly if you were up to date with the newspapers, ou got the sense” “When the future generations look to this history it would stand out like a diamond in the rough. ” Launius said.

In my opinion it would definitely, there has been a whole debate over it, and look what has happened all the theories and conspiracies that has caused a big propaganda if the moon landing did really happen. “There will be probably just a few things that almost everybody will be taught in school about the 20th century: the atomic bomb, Nazis, the two World Wars and the moon landing,” Launius said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that the moon landings will be among those.

It’s also, by the way, the only positive one. ” Well this can be debatable It is positive, but look what is happening now I am on the other side of the argument that it was a hoaxX. Why we haven’t been back to the moon? The main question is why we haven’t been back to the moon in 48 years, that’s incredible, so then people have came up with the theory, “we didn’t go to the moon because we haven’t been on the moon for 40ish years, so therefore it is a hoax. It all and well saying that but there might be a reason, personally I don’t understand why we haven’t been back, but we all have to respect what the “Real” story is.

Yes, we have been to the Moon but they were the apollo mission up to the moon, people have wanted to know since the final apollo mission in December 1972. There are many reasons why we haven’t been back, But the main reason is why we haven’t been back since the last apollo mission to the moon. The answer is quite simple the rockets aren’t qualified to do it at this age of time at the moment.

Yes I know we are in the 21st century and the moon landing was made 20th century, but we can’t go back because NASA current rockets aren’t capable of surpassing low-Earth orbit to reach the moon, we don’t have the gear to do it at the moment also, “The mount of rocket energy it takes to accelerate those kinds of payloads away from Earth doesn’t exist anymore,” said Jeff Hanley, NASA’s Constellation program manager, That’s really interesting since we are a century further we should have gone back.

With saying what I have just said NASA are making new and advanced rockets that by 2020 we will be able to go to the moon. These will be called “Ares 1” and “Ares V”. NASA claims that these will be more advanced and will be able to carry more weight so we can go to the moon. It may even be the first time if theorist claimed that we didn’t go to the moon. NASA is able to do this because of new technology, thus will be able to make this a cheaper and safer flight to and from the moon. In my opinion this is a great idea to go to the moon, But something doesn’t add up.

If we did go to the moon in the 20th century then why we haven’t been back has it answered the question stated above. If we need new technology to go to the moon now how was it possible we went to the moon earlier on. This is either a bad cover-up that NASA is trying we need more technology to go to the moon in a safer way, or just simply we didn’t go to the moon. Why does Nasa/Scientist cover up the conspiracies, What is the ruth? Nasa and the scientist of the moon landing has many cover-ups, whether if it is true or not is another story.

I wll answer the question above in many ways possible and how NASA does cover-up it secrets on whether the Moon landing was faked or not. The Flag moving in Space The American flag was moving in space, and there is no wind or air in space so therefore the moon landing was faked because there is no air in space and the flag was moving. According to the Nasa scientist tell a different story appling that the Flag was moving because Neil Armstrong had just put the flag into place nd they had to twist it into position and when the video suddenly started to record the flag was still moving.

This is according to the National air and Space Museum (NASA). Only two astronauts when to the Moon but in some Photos there are very obvious signs that went on the Moon It is very clear that the Apollo 11 was faked because in this photo there are more than just two people shown in this photo, there is no sign of the camera, so the question is Who took the photo? Apparently the real truth behind this photo is that the the camera were mounted on their chest, Which I can’t see but anyways, The astronomer Phil Plait said.

He also stated that the “Picture above you can see Neils arms are sort of his chest, that is where the camera is, he just wasn’t holding it up to the visor. ” So the shadow was him after all This basically states that he was hold his camera that is normal held on his chest but he took it off for this very photo and it is very conquincdenal that this photo was the only one. No stars in the photos The Apollo 11 because there was no explanation of there being no stars in space, such as on the moon. The Black backgrounds would be a devoid of stars.

Here is a fact, Our skies (Earth) has a blue sky due to the scattering of sunlight by Nitrogen & Oxygen, The Sky on Mars is pink because of the dust flying around around the Carbon Dioxide atmosphere. The Moon however is dark night and day because there is no air. Some theories suggest that people on the moon should be able to see the stars on the moon, so the astronauts on the Apollo 11 would have been able to see the stars on the moon, some people had seen the stars on the moon and some said “No” which s some mixed up signals.

How is this possible? Stars are in fact in every scene on the moon photos, but if the photo is taken in broad daylight on the moon and then the shutter speed would have been 1/250 sec at 80 ISO then the image would have came out pure white according to Moon Landing Hoax, The same would happen with the digital today. If you were to do this outside in your backyard on a real starry night you wouldn’t be able to see the stars on the camera even knowing you can see the stars. One the Moon the stars are simply to faint to see in such a short exposure.

BUT if you took a photo on a tripod with a 30 second exposure at 1600 ISO or higher; the stars would be able to see. Which this exactly happened in the moon the “photos were taken at 1/150th or 1/250th” of a second so the stars would not be able to be seen. These are the main answers the question that I had stated at the start. They all seem resemble that the moon land was real, but then it could just be a cover-up and trying to put a blanket over the real truth, nobody knows only the people who did “go on the moon” knows.

Conclusion After explaining and research, I am a bit on the fence. I believe what NASA is saying, but then it could be just a coverup and they are lying, Nobody knows. That facts have given me mixed signals of different beliefs on different theories of the moon landing. My Opinion has changed but no changed. As I said i am a bit on the fence, I am still leaning over to the hoax still and that is what I believe and nobody can change my opinion on what I believe.

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