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Essay on Diversity Questionnaires

The score level Caterpillar Inc. has a purpose to sustain business in diversity inclusion and participate in any recruitment policies related to their missions. The organizations define clear mission statement and describe their objectives assigned to them through individual attitude, organizational values and management practices. So, I used the diversity questionnaires to evaluate the organization concept of diversity. The score I found for individual attitudes were 17, for organizational values were 15, and management practices were 16.

Based on my individual views and personal experience through the organization, I think that the individual attitudes are related to personal conceptions and approaches of things and reality in the workplace that lead some workers; I believe that employees are aware of policies, regulations and laws that conduct their attitudes among them. Also, the organizational values and norms are statements that internal employees and external support should understand it. In fact, policies and regulations are related to the standards works and management perspectives, and employees are committed to work on it and to maintain the cores values.

Finally, the management practices are huge part integrated in the business and all components are included to maintain good work and positive results. I believe that diversity is a part of social responsibility and, Caterpillar Inc. understand how it could bring innovations and transformations. Disability IBM organization is a top rated company which has made some improvement related to the needs of the stakeholders and the community they live and work for it.

The company has objectives to provide internships, recruitment, accommodations nd the IBM Accessible Center for employees with disability. In fact, IBM understood that diversity workforce will enable the companies to reach the public reputations, to possess skilled employees with great abilities and cultural background to achieve the higher standards and to make profits. He introduced all components able to improve work and reach any advanced careers (lesbians, gays, women, Asians, blacks, mixed colors, different genders, disabled employees) through diverse suggestions.

We can see that IBM had focused on diversity of recruitment, the company created diversity group beyond those at the executive level, great relationship with the market fastest growing entrepreneurial segments-females and minority-owned business. In fact, the market development effort was raised on billions of revenues, the IBM technology had accessible centers around the United States, Europe and Japan.

IBM developed Entry Point programs for students, Project View and Project are two recruitment programs that reach different colleges students of diverse background and disabled, accommodations and assistive devices for employees (pg. 68). According with Canas and Sondak’s (2014) who said that “the integrated approach includes multiple diversity initiatives that influence cultural changes are leadership commitment, effective organizational communication about diversity and the development of external relationship”(46). So, IBM understood that diversity and multicultural factors are keys to make the organization successful around the world by inserted all components able to make public reputation and build higher brand name of the corporation.

General Motors makes many improvements for people with disabilities through the Affinity Group for People who made suggestions about their relatives who can work and get accessible equipment. They want to create first professional development opportunities for their members and they like to serve as an information resource to the organization on diverse issues related to their management. In fact, GM regularize the transportations problems, by inserting a fully motorized, rotating lift-and-lower passenger seat that will be easy for people with disabilities to enter and to exit the vehicles (Chevrolet, Pontiac, Bulk and Saturn models).

It offers reimbursements to customer with disabilities for installing adaptive equipment (pg. 269). Cisco System networking develop a complex initiative that insert the creation of accessibility teams into product development engineering, online accessibility training and incorporation accessibility lessons into all businesses. Also, its makes sure that all equipment in the facilities meet the need of the variety of employees from a variety of dimensions of accessibility and it any help them succeed at work in the environment with higher expectation (pg. 70). According to Canas & Sondak’s (2014) who said that “these companies demonstrate that it’s possible to provide people with disabilities the opportunity not only to navigate the perfect storm but to conquer it by belonging to an organization that create real opportunity and inclusive environment” (270 pg. ).

They view the recruitment as possible advantage for disabled people to integrate the workplace, to survive and to feel able to contribute to their own lifestyle and organizations. Gender Caterpillar Inc. ork with mix genders, accept any competitive careers and organize different activities to support this views around the world. In fact, the organization is engaged to make sure that the workplace is diverse and representative through protected classes as they like to meet customer expectation. Also, Caterpillar are committed to respect personal skills, talents, experiences and viewpoints of all employees without discriminations and, they are aware of diverse perspectives and approaches which could contribute to increase productivity, may build public reputation and can meet the goals in the industrial worldwide leadership.

As a result, Caterpillar Inc. are involved to establish employee resources groups which promote relationship among employees that share lifestyle and interests; they provide information for opportunity for advanced careers and free membership for all employees. Also, Caterpillar success is related on having skilled employees and genders balance in the workplace which are an important strategies and support to develop greater team works who make their business more successful.

The increased complexity of Caterpillar Inc. business challenge demands and customers’ services based on their statements: the right part, in the right place at the right time. Based on some researches, the companies that show commitment to achieve gender balance are successful in business and could reach positive results. This is related to both men and women who play major roles to maintain the higher standards international jobs descriptions.

Overall/conclusion I think that Caterpillar Inc. as clear and public objectives which are to manage gender bias challenges, to negotiate conditions for leadership success, to align values, aspirations and actions in highest situations, to network and to sponsorship activities, to develop personal brands names and visions for authentic leadership. Also, the company describes diversity and inclusion as a part of their principles of codes of conducts which guide their business operations around the world and they recognize that the uniqueness of each member to create strong name and to help them to reach the higher standards around the world.

Finally, they recognize that their workforce is diverse as their customers they serve. According to Langley & et all (2009) who said that “the fundamental to success of any improvement effort is the understanding that improvement requires that change occur” (pg. 15). So, Caterpillar Inc. serve for their people through their employees for innovations and transformations around the world. Caterpillar Inc. make public statement to recognize how diverse teams’ members could make them successful around the world, and they live and work for these values related to their social responsibility.

For the company, they build and maintain an inclusive and diverse work environment because Caterpillar Inc. believe that different thoughts and skills could develop best bring positive results and profits. Finally, I will suggest that most of leaders have to make public statement related to diversity which will encourage people to view their organizations as great opportunity for advanced careers. Canas and Sondak’s (2014) defined that “leaders who embrace diversity and view diversity as a competitive advantage are often those who have a personal connection with it” (pg. 8).

This statement identifies leaders as a huge part of this approach and they should demonstrate commitment and do public statement to avoid misunderstanding. Diversity is everyone responsibility and people have to be involved to this concept in the workplace. Also, I will say that actually, things change and diversity is a normal concept and approach in the workplace, so the website has to insert different publics statements from different people.

We don’t need only to read about the cultural diversity, but we need to hear different statements(videos) from diverse people to explain how diversity is benefic for them as a part of recruitment in the organizations. According to Canas and Sondak’s (2014) who talked about that “recruitment strategies are critical to both building and managing diversity in organizations” (pg. 51). I think that Caterpillar Inc. could transform its approaches and views to make public statements of diversity that may build good reputations and bring positive changes.

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