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Essay on Annabel Pitchers Silence Is Goldfish

The author of,”Silence Is Goldfish”, Annabel Pitcher, has experienced many things. Some time back, Pitcher went to Oxford University, earning a degree in English literature, and began to work for television before she realized what she truly wanted to do (Page 1, Pitcher, Annabel). On the other hand, currently, Pitcher is a mother, and still writes when she can (Page 1, “ANNABEL PITCHER AUTHOR”). She got her inspirations from many things along the way. Some from television, and another from her own experiences as a teenager.

With this book, however, “Silence Is Goldfish”, was inspired by the things we all do, but no one questions, such as the white lies we all tell. Some other books written by Pitcher include,”My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece”,”Ketchup Clouds” (now named “Yours Truly’). Those two are some of her more popular books. Pitcher has mostly written in the young adult genre, and has received over 14 award nominations (Page 1, Pitcher, Annabel). Annabel Pitcher is a unique author. Criteria 1B. ) Chapter 1- Tess is running away due to the information she found the previous night.

She remembers the past years of her life, and realized how much has changed. Chapter 5- Tess notices the differences between her and Jack. She also looks back in time when she accepted to be in the play, and regrets it. Chapter 10- Tess creates a made-up conversation in her mind between her, Isabel, and Jack. She then goes to her Gran’s house, cleans, and eats a chocolate biscuit. Chapter 15- Tess’s flashlight that looks like goldfish starts talking to her. She later finds out that her favorite teacher has to leave for a term, and the substitute may be her actual dad.

Chapter 20- Tess begins comparing herself to Mr. Richardson to find similarities and differences. Tess finds out that he has a son, and that they could possibly be half-siblings. Chapter 25- Tess sneaks to Mr. Richardson house after she snapped a picture of his license earlier. When she gets there, she snoops and saw Mr. Richardson’s son, Henry, and finds many similarities between them. Chapter 30- Tess gets picked up by Anna to go to a bar that they lie about. Chapter 35- Tess is in Henry’s room and they listen to music. Tess takes in Mr. Richardson and Julie’s love, then calls it a lie.

Chapter 40- Anna reads Isabel’s notebook out loud to Patrick and he refuses to be friends with Isabel anymore. Tara reads Mr. Richardson’s phone as it goes off, giving Tess information she didn’t need to know. Chapter 45- After Tess finds out Mr. Richardson was using her just to get closer to Mrs. Gilbert, she needs Mr. Goldfish. She almost leaves in a taxi, but realizes that she is not going to hide anymore. Chapter 49- Tess comes home after the meeting with mom, dad, and Mrs. Austin. Tess is speaking now, and Jack shows her the finished story of what she read that made her “mute” in the first place.

Criteria 1C. ) One conflict lidentified easily was character vs character. This conflict goes on throughout the entire novel, such as Anna, Tara, and Sarah bullying Tess. They call her Man Skull due to her heavy jaw and large nose. They call her multiple other names, but mainly ugly. “And look at that! She actually does have a mustache! ” (Pitcher, 220). They say that she has a mustache. At this point, Tess has a cyber bully who calls her a boy. Also,”Man Skulls wearing a skirt, I didn’t know they made them in man sizes… ” (46).

This quote takes place at lunch, away from the teachers, which makes Tess an easy target for bullying, which is why it happens so often. Another conflict that was easily seen was character vs self. In chapter 38, Anna steals Isabel’s notepad, that she doesn’t let anyone read. Anna blackmails Tess, saying that if she speaks, she will give Isabel her notebook back, and Tess really does want to talk. “How about this. Isabel, I’ll give you the notepad if your friend here asks for it in a man voice I can record on my phone. What do you think? ” (Pitcher, 267).

Also, Tess really doesn’t want to speak, she won’t fall for it. “I swallow. It won’t work. I can’t just what, you think I can just open my mouth and talk? That its that easy? ” (269). Tess is very conflicted with all her thoughts at this point. Tess seen Isabel tug at her sleeve, wanting her to talk. She felt betrayed by Isabel, thinking that she wouldn’t ask. This conflict is noticeable throughout the novel. Criteria 2A. ) The type of characterization that is favored in this novel is to break down. Author Annabel Pitcher breaks Tess down in many ways.

She uses bullies, crushes, and arguments to build Tess into herself as a character. “… I swoop my hair forward, hiding behind the black curtain” (Pitcher, 46). This shows that Tess fears Anna, and wants to hide herself. Also the quote,”Even the back of Henry’s neck is divine” (217). Tess normally doesn’t use such vocabulary words when describing someone, but when it comes down to her crush, she feels bubbly and classy. “… waiting to see how i’m going to respond. I walk to my bag. That’s it” (81). Tess uses her muteness as a response, noiseless thunder as she calls it.

Breaking down a character shows what they really are on the inside. Criteria 2B. ) In the book,”Silence is Goldfish,” Annabel Pitcher perfectly illustrates the main character Tess Turner, using events that shape her personality, and views. Tess, or as Jack calls her Tessie-T, has some interesting feelings. Tess is a very strong hearted, thick skinned, young teenage girl whose life got turned upside down. Tess loves to have fun with her best friend Isabel, and keep track of what mug Mr. Holdsworth- Tess’s favorite (math) teacher- uses each morning.

Some problems that Tess have result in a change of life so big that she goes mute for a good while. Tess found out that her mother had a sperm donor and her life then spun out of control. Tess goes mute to keep her life somewhat together and calm, excluding herself from the world. Tess later confessed because she is honest and genuine. When she talked to her Mum and Dad, Tess felt relieved and loved. Tess’s personality changed throughout the novel for better, and worse. Criteria 2C. ) In chapter 12, Tess is at the play, performing because she got caught trying escape.

Her only line (Honest, Mr. Hook, I have no idea where Peter is and that’s the truth! ) is the one she doesn’t want to say. As her first act of rebellion towards lack, she doesn’t say her line. After this, Tess stays silent for 36 more chapters, saying things only in her mind, and nothing to anybody. Tess made this decision to keep herself calm, after finding Jacks unfinished blog that stated how revolted he was at the sight of his so called “daughter. ” In the story, Jack wrote,” When Tess finally emerged after two hours of pushing, all I felt was revulsion… ” (Pitcher, 13).

Also, as she chooses why to go silent, Tess states,” But I am Pluto and I am cold and dark, so I take a step back, moving out of Jack’s reach with a silence that speaks volumes. Just listen to my noiseless thunder roar” (79). Also, in the next chapter (chapter 13) Jack tries talking to Tess, she says in her mind,”… in fact, I am quite certain that I never in my life appeared more powerful” (81). These quotes are similar, explaining why she did it, to make a point. Tess calls herself Pluto to show how different she is from everyone else. Tess is silent for the power, and the exclusion of her from the world, and the cold, harsh truth.

Being silent made Tess realize many things throughout the novel. Criteria 3. ) Tess is very bold and open “… I know I am open-minded. ” (Pitcher, 51). Tess doesn’t seem to care about what people think. Tess is a very thick skinned girl. “… as if a word can hurt me, like i’m still vulnerable” (301). Tess has been through enough to know that words don’t hurt. Tess is a very honest person. “… I talk. I explain everything,,,” (332-333) Tess rarely lies, unless it is to hide something personal. Criteria 4A. )

The novel,”Silence is Goldfish,” is Juvenile Fiction, Criteria 4B. ) Silence is Goldfish,” is Juvenile Fiction due to the concepts that may be tough to grasp for the younger audience.. Events such as bullying are things some kids won’t understand. “Tess got changed for PE in a stall today. What’s she trying to hide? #ShelsАHe” (Pitcher, 189). They make fun of her all the time, calling her a he. They also talk about how her mother gotten a sperm donor, and Jack is not her actual father. “I couldn’t give your mum what she wanted more than anything. ” (336). Most kids under twelve years old would not understand the more mature events that happen in this book.

Criteria 4C,) Molly Moon from,“Molly Moon and The Incredible Book of Hypnotism,” starts out just like Tess Turner did- by living a boring, routine life. They both get hit a a pang of reality when something big happens and changes their life. Molly finds a hypnotizing book, and Tess finds out how her dad, isn’t her true dad. They both also take control of their lives by the end. They also both make bold and different choices than everyone else. “Molly Moon and The Incredible Book of Hypnotism,” is very much similar to,”Silence is Goldfish,”they are both wonderful, and captivating books.

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