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Essay about Angela Duckworth Personality Traits

GRIT is said to be the formula to success. Angela Duckworth conducted a study on GRIT and related achievements. I see GRIT in my mother and I. My mother and I share three traits that array GRIT, we work to our full potential to receive the best outcome, dedication, and self-management. My mother and I are from two different generations; however, we both array one trait called GRIT. Working to your full potential to receive the best outcome is one of the traits of Grit Angela Duckworth conducted.

The study was conducted on students in the classroom and a cab driver, and is a trait that my mother and I share. My mother was a teacher for thirteen years and always worked hard for her students to become the best they could be. All of my mother’s students have graduated from high school, are attending college, or are still in school. My mother was such a great teacher that parents would request for their child to be in her class. Every day, no matter what the circumstance, my mother worked hard to see the children in her class be successful.

In “The Significance of Grit”, Duckworth states, “If, on the other hand you are not just trying to reach a certain cut point but are trying to maximize your outcomes-you want to do as well as you possible can-then there’s no limit, ceiling, or threshold” (Perkins-Gough 17). I am a student that works hard in all of my classes to receive the best possible grades. For example if I am working on a project I do not only do what will give me an A, I work to my full potential to receive the best possible grade. Not only do I work for the best possible outcome in academics, but in band as well.

The flute is one of the hardest instruments to play; however, I practice every day to master playing the flute. In band I participate in contests, and I do not practice just to receive the best rating, I practice to gain all of the knowledge I possibly can to be an extraordinary musician. I play to my full potential to receive the best outcome. The second trait of Grit that my mother and I portray, is dedication, and commitment. Duckworth states, “Grit is not just having resilience in the face of failure, but also having deep commitments” (Duckworth 18 & 19).

Upon retiring from teaching my mother became a dedicated housewife and dedicating her time to her four daughters. My mother always keeps the house tidy for any occasion, or guests, of any sort. However if there is anything that my father, sisters, or I need, she is always ready to attend to our needs. I am in an abundant amount of organizations that require commitment, and dedication. I have chosen to be involved in the organizations I am involved in, therefore I must portray my upmost commitment to each and every one of them.

The trait of commitment is also shown from the length of time I have played the flute. The road to success is not smooth, and I know from experience. Grit is not only about overcoming failure, but to keep going and fully commit to something you are good at. I have competed in competitions where the outcomes were not so great, but I continued to commit to flute playing because I knew it was something I was good at. Having self-regulation is another one of the traits of Grit my mother and I show.

In the research done by Susan Black “The Search for True Grit” it states, “A quarter century later, psychologists and researchers have refined and redefined several related concepts and constructs, including self-control, self-discipline, self-management, and self-regulation. The terms vary, but researchers agree that these traits are essential for school success” (Black 52). This does not only apply to success in school, but also success in the real world. My mother had me at the age of twenty three and disciplined herself to finish her last year of college to become a teacher.

Her road to becoming a teacher was not smooth, but because of her self-discipline she managed to finish college and received her bachelors in English, and go on to receive her certification in teaching. Having four children is not easy, but my mother has disciplined herself to keep up with our extremely busy lives. I take part in various organizations such as band, UIL, student council, and National Honor Society, therefore I am required to follow all of the set rules given to me. The set rules given to me are my responsibility to follow, which means I must have self-discipline.

For example, meetings for most of the organizations I am involved in are at seven thirty in the morning, therefore I must go to bed early and wake up early to be able to be on time for the meetings. I am currently the drum major of my school’s marching band, so I am a role model. If the role model of the organization has no self-discipline other members may take into consideration that they do not need self-discipline to be successful. Taking part in dual credit classes requires selfdiscipline. They are college classes, which are preparing me for my future.

In college my parents will not be there to nag me to get my work turned in, it is I who must discipline myself to get my work turned in on time. By taking dual credit I have taught myself to be disciplined and turn in any work on time. Aside from our dazzling looks, my mother and I share characteristics of grit. We share three very important traits of grit which are, working to our full potential, dedication, and self-discipline. Grit may not be in everyone, but I know that it is portrayed in my mother and I.

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