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Emperor Vader Speech Essay

Emperor Vader By: Daniel Lim What if Vader had won against Obi-Wan? How would the galaxy be like? Hey thanks for all the reviews and comments! Really appreciate them! Rated: Fiction T – English – Sci-Fi – Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,635 – Reviews: 20 – Favs: 24 – Follows: 35 – Updated: Jun 20, 2011 – Published: Aug 28, 2009 – id: 5338773 + – < Prev Next > Chapter 3 4 years later… Today’s top story; His Majesty Emperor Vader has declared that this year’s Empire Day celebrations would take place a week earlier than anticipated, in order to give the 501st Legion sufficient training space for their rehearsals for the Victory Day parade to take place at Monument Plaza.

Monument Plaza has remained the venue for the Empire Day Emperor’s Ball for the past four years, but this year’s Victory Day parade is set to outshine all the previous years’, with a special announcement by the Emperor to be expected. Agents of the Separatist Remnant has reportedly launched a suicide attack on a protest in Alderaan’s Democracy Square yesterday. The alleged attacker was a former CIS major who was recently released after four years in detention. The protest was targeted at rising Imperial taxes on the Core Worlds’ upperincome tax bracket. Five were confirmed dead and about fifty reportedly injured. Her Majesty Empress Vader has, in a joint statement with Senator Bail Organa, condemned the Separatist Remnant for the attacks. “An update on the rogue Jedi incident; a takeover of the ruins of a Jedi enclave on Dantooine has ended with an Imperial victory.

Troops under the command of Lieutenant Jori Lekauf stormed the ruins and seized control. However, the rebel commander, Jedi Master Rahm Kota, has eluded Imperial capture once again. Imperial agents are in full pursuit and citizens are to maintain a vigilant lookout for the rogue Jedi. His Majesty Emperor Vader commended Lieutenant Lekauf and would be promoting him to the rank of Major in the upcoming Emperor’s Ball festivities. ” *** It was all pomp and ceremony at the main throne room of the Imperial Palace.

On both sides of the long crimson carpet leading to the dais on which the twin thrones are set, hundreds of senators are gathered to witness the impressive ceremony scheduled to take place. They chattered among themselves, some catching up with old friends while others making new ones. They all contrast, however, from the two individuals seated on the twin thrones. Emperor Vader, clad in dark-accented Jedi robes not so different from the ones he donned in his glorious moments during the Clone wars, sat stoically and alert, his deep and penetrating gaze sweeping the room.

Empress Vader sat on the other, her elegant robes the height of Naboo fashion trailing the floor. Neither looked nor talked to each other. They sat apart, but no less powerful and united in tempo. None in the massive room moved, or have the audacity to do so at least, towards them. An air of significance hung thick, permeating the cold atmosphere. With good reason, of course. It was not everyday a slaver species is brought to task for its wanton use of force and intimidation. Well, not before the days of Emperor Vader, anyway.

The huge ornate oak doors parted, and all the assembled guests turned to see the lone individual standing there; an obese and stout alien with unique twin mouths dressed in a multi-coloured robe. He walked deliberately towards the dais, dragging a cloak set with diamonds and gems along the carpet, his head bowed in a sign of deference or resignation. All the while, Vader regarded him coldly and impassively. The alien finally stopped before the dais, and knelt low. In tortured basic, he greeted, “The Miskara of the Vagaari hails His Majesty Emperor Vader of the Galactic Empire. ”

After a long and uncomfortable silence, Vader gave a fraction of a nod and gestured, “You may rise. ” The Miskara rose but kept his head low, “The Vagaari are not deserving of the courtesy of a man whose leadership has led us to a complete and honourable defeat. ” “I have not forgotten my history,” Vader hissed. “And neither would I have forgotten the report that Colonel Needa has submitted to me yesterday. ” It was a while before the Miskara answered, “Your Majesty, we assessed the situation incorrectly. We were under the assumption that those were the forces of our enemy the Chiss Ascendancy.

“That’s a karking lie and you know it,” spat Vader. “The Chiss commandeering Star Destroyers? You take us as fools, alien? Me?! ” At this point, the Miskara crumbled to the floor. The senators alternated their gazes between Vader, who has risen to his feet and is standing tall and imposing, and the Miskara, a mass of shivering flesh and jewels. They knew not if the crackling in the air was the power of the Force or the shaking skeletons of the cowering Vagaari. “I think it is an indisputable fact that the galaxy just had enough with your race’s warring and chaotic ways,” Vader declared. Even though you placed yourselves under our suzerainty since your defeat at the Battle of Bastion two years ago, you have not been adhering to the terms of our treaty. The blood of at least two thousand Imperial citizens were on your hands in your last little incident due to your ‘misjudgement’. ”

“Your Majesty… ” “You will stay your tongues, Vagaari! ” snapped Vader. He raised an arm towards the Miskara, who is practically lying prone on the carpet, shivering in anticipation of the element of lightning he purportedly heard that the Emperor controls. “It is my Will that your entire species be eradicated, once and for all. Silence hung thick in the air, with no one daring to speak or even breathe. It was only broken when Empress Vader coughed softly, ever so subtle holocams could never pick them up. Emperor Vader took his seat, and calmly spoke, “But I know better. ” All heads turned to Empress Vader, known among the senators as ‘She who Judges Fairly’. The stunning Padme Amidala, loved on a thousand worlds for her beauty and compassion, stood and regarded the Miskara, “It is the Will of the Imperial Throne that the Vagaari be placed under corrective custody by the Imperial Mission.

The Vagaari military assets will be transferred to the Imperial Navy for further deployment. The Miskara and his advisors will formally register their state’s membership to the Imperial Senate and be subject to the laws of the Imperial Constitution. If this is done, the war crimes of the Vagaari will be looked upon leniently. This is the Will of the Galactic Empire. ” The Miskara got to his feet, and he gazed at Empress Vader with much ambivalence.

Finally, he solemnly declared, “On behalf of the Vagaari people, I thank your Majesties for the mercy which we do not deserve. With great care, the Miskara retreated out of the room, allowing the holocams to, once again like they always do, focus on the Imperial couple, and the festivities resume, albeit more reservedly. Such is the truth of Imperial power. Absolute power is held by the Emperor and his Empress. One rules with firmness, and the other, fairness. With them is decided the lives and destinies of countless lives. For the Imperial couple alone understands that what is necessary has to be done. Yet, Empress Vader remembered, things had not always been this way.

Once, the galaxy was ruled by the Galactic Republic, held together by democratic rule under the Galactic Senate led by the Supreme Chancellor. Instead, the Galactic Empire now held hegemonic power, ruling on the basis of justice and sanctity of sovereign might, with the Imperial Senate intact to preserve the image of continuity and legitimacy. The Emperor and his closest advisors maintain complete and total command. Once, the galaxy was protected by the Jedi Knights, their guardians of peace and justice.

Following the devastating Order 66, the Jedi have been painted as pariahs following an outdated set of teachings, and those who submit themselves to the rule of Emperor Vader were rehabilitated into the newly-created institution known as the Imperial Knights; the Empire’s ‘Jedi’ which pledged their loyalty to the Emperor first and foremost. It helped that Vader was still fondly remembered and admired among younger former Jedi apprentices for his exploits in the Clone Wars. The transition was a lot less bloody than Order 66 itself, in any case. Once, Empress Vader had been Padme Amidala, and Emperor Vader, Anakin Skywalker.

Once, she was just a Senator, fighting for a cause she firmly believed in. Once, she was just a wife, praying hard for the safe return of the man she loved from the adventures that would immortalize his name in the annals of the Clone Wars. Once, she was just Padme. No longer. She is now Empress of the known galaxy and beyond, moderating the punishments of her husband with a soft touch he could never have. She is now a mother, the queen of Prince Luke and Princess Leia, both of whom she love beyond the people she once served, and husband of a man she could not bring herself to love any longer. Now, she is Empress Vader.

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