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Do Schools Kill Creativity Summary

According to Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk, “Schools Kill Creativity,” the education system is stifling children’s creativity. He argues that the education system values standardized tests and conformity over creativity, which results in children who are afraid to take risks. This, in turn, leads to a society that is not innovative or creative.

Robinson cites several examples of how the education system suppresses creativity, including the fact that schools often teaching to the test instead of encouraging students to explore their interests. He also notes that many school subjects, such as math and science, are taught in a way that discourages creativity. For example, students are often given one right answer instead of being encouraged to find their own solutions.

That’s why schools should encourage children to be more creative. Children’s creativity is suppressed when they enter school since schools do not encourage it. The educational technique used today is the same as that used in the nineteenth century. According to Ken Robinson, they don’t realize that all people are “born artists and then are taught out of creativity.” Also, because someone couldn’t make a living as an artist during that period, but now it’s feasible, educators should persuade youngsters to pursue what they enjoy.

Education should be flexible and more than just academic because not every individual is good at academics, some people are good at sports or art. The problem with the education system is that it teaches competition instead of cooperation and that it standardizes intelligence. Education should focus on the creativity of the individual not on the conformity of the individual.

It’s important for individuals to be creative because when they are able to think outside the box they are able to solve problems that have never been solved before. Being creative also allows individuals to see things from a different perspective. A lot of times people get frustrated because they feel like they’ve tried everything, but if they are able to think creatively then they will be able to find a solution. Education should encourage creativity because it is important for the advancement of society.

Every person is unique, and he or she wants to develop into something different; not all people wish to become doctors or engineers, for example. Every educational system in the world orders disciplines by how essential they are, but surprisingly, every one of them rates Arts last and has Mathematics, Humanities, and Languages at the top.

The problem with this is that it pigeonholes people and their talents, if a child is not good at math they are immediately considered uneducated. This way of thinking suppresses creativity and the willingness to try new things, do you think Einstein would have been such a genius if he was forced to quit school at age ten?

In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” he argues that the current educational system is flawed and instead of nurturing creativity it actively suppresses it. He begins by talking about his experience as a father and how his daughter was nearly pushed out of the education system because she did not fit the mold that the schools were looking for. She was labeled as “disruptive” and “a problem child” when all she was doing was being herself.

He goes on to say that the education system is based on an industrial model where people are seen as cogs in a machine and it is the job of the schools to produce workers for the factories. This model is outdated and no longer relevant in today’s society, we need to find a new way to educate our children that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Robinson believes that creativity should be nurtured and not stifled, he argues that it is just as important as any other subjects taught in school. He gives the example of how schools often teach children to color within the lines but what they should be doing is encouraging them to think outside the box. He believes that we need to bring creativity back into the education system and give children the freedom to express themselves.

Robinson, an author, speaker, and worldwide mentor on education, claims that creativity is an important aspect of learning. He adds that public education “educates youngsters out of their creative potentials.” This is absolutely true since each kid has his or her own unique ability; whether it’s dancing, singing, or painting.

Education should not be about conforming to what the society wants, but it should instead be about unleashing the creativity in each individual. He further states that “we are now running our education systems on 19th century industrial models”. The problem is that we is use a one size fits all approach when it comes to education, which does not take into consideration the fact that each person learns differently. Education is not just about memorizing facts, but it should also be about encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

In order to change the way education is run, we need to start valuing creativity more. We need to give students the opportunity to explore their talents and interests. Education should be about finding out what each individual is good at and then nurturing that talent. By doing this, we will be able to create a more well-rounded individual who is not just knowledgeable in one area, but is also creative and innovative. Education should be about preparing students for the real world, and in order to do that, we need to start valuing creativity more.

Every kid is born an artist, but the challenge is for them to remain one once they mature. Schools or education in general hinder kids from doing what they love since they are required to study subjects that they dislike in order to assist them in the future. “

Education should be changed in a way that it benefits the pupil and not make them suffer. According to Ken Robinson, schools are killing creativity because they are only teaching children how to be good at one thing rather than being good at many different things. Education should show children their options and let them choose what they want to do with their lives. Schools should also be more focused on developing the whole child, not just their academic abilities.

It is important for children to be exposed to a variety of experiences and opportunities so that they can find out what they’re passionate about. Education should foster creativity and provide students with the tools they need to succeed in whatever field they choose. Ken Robinson believes that we need to “revolutionize” the education system and make it more flexible so that it can meet the needs of all students.

We need to encourage our children to be creative and think outside the box. Education should be about helping students find their passions and giving them the skills to pursue those passions. With a more creative and flexible education system, we can help our children reach their full potential.

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