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Discuss slavery and its impact on American History

Discuss slavery and its impact on American History Slavery is probably one of the most difficult subjects in American History for a black man to discuss. Most black Americans find it hard to believe that slavery began somewhere around the 16th century or a little later. Probable the first African blacks were sold at Jamestown in 1619. Some historians believed they were not slaves but servants. I would believe easily this is a damn lie, most blacks brought from Africa doing colonial times were slaves threatened half to death, forced to work and mate to increase their profits on free labor.

Slaves worked on tobacco farms they helped build the tobacco industry in America. They worked fields of cotton, corn, and fresh vegetables. Blacks built these industries on forced free labor. Plantation owners paid nothing for their blood, sweat and tears. By 1730 roughly three out of every ten people were black south of Pennsylvania and in South Carolina the blacks outnumbered the whites two to one. There was so much sexual abuse among black slave men and women to reproduce they began to outnumber whites. Slang were thrown “looks more like a negro country’ instead of a white people country.

Race Prejudice and the degrading of slaves impacted blacks lives they had no rights. Slave masters took away their freedom to move around, freedom to raise their own food, earn money, read or learn English. Where was the American Judicial System? Blacks had no civil rights, for minor crimes; they were beaten half to death. Major crimes they were hung sometimes burned to death. Slaves were sometimes castrated for sexual offenses or Just talking about sex. The most serious of crimes was talking about a white woman, or whistling at her.

The black slave woman came a sexual fashion to the white slave master. As a result some mulatto children were prevalent among black slave women. In some cases they were rejected by slave children. Slaves were separated by their master in order to make them more efficient in their assigned Jobs. A slave who understood English was easier to work with. A slave, who could handle farm tools, works as a carpenter or brick mason was useful because the owners could have them build the plantation up. The church was the center of the community life but slaves were not allowed to participate.

However slaves began to organize their own method of church which was the beginning of Negro spirituals. They formed their own method of praying called preaching; also dancing was a form of prayer too. One might find it hard to believe that the capital of our great nation the United Stated of America had slaves. Some of the great leaders in the white house had relationships with black slave women. However slavery was later abolished, the Armistice of 1850 abolished slavery in the District of Columbia. The south fought very hard to keep the slave trade.

One one representative from the south voted to abolish slavery. As history dictates more states supported slavery and the slave trade. It was sad to say that something as terrible as slavery divided a great nation. Slavery in the Philosophy of Slavery. Blacks still have a difficult time in the south. In some cases you have to be twice as good as your counterpart. Racism still exists in America and equality is still a bigger issue that probably will never be solved in this nation. Despite the fact we have a black President America has never apologized for the pain and suffering of slavery.

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