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Definition Essay On How To Be Successful

Studies have shown that most people define success as how well they are doing in life, but what is the true meaning of success and how do people become prosperous? Success is the final result of one’s achievement. The reason why one chooses to do a task. People want to be successful because they don’t want to fail. They don’t want to end up doing a career that they don’t enjoy for the rest of their life. They want to be like successful people who are living the dream. By having a job that they enjoy doing every day. By having a high income to support their family. By having a life that they always dreamed of.

In order for them to be successful, they need to be determined, they need to fail, and they need to work hard because success isn’t easy to overcome. When they complete these steps. they are guaranteed to become successful. Everyone sees success is different ways, whether it is from being the first in the family to graduate from high school or nailing your first interview. The important idea is that success takes time to achieve and people can’t be successful in a day or a week. While they are on their journey to become successful, they will learn how to be patient as well.

The main idea is that in order to be successful, it takes commitment, a little bit of failure, and hard work. One of the steps to become successful is being determined. People cannot be successful without being determined because without a positive mindset, it is not possible for them to reach their goal and complete it. All successful people have to be committed in order to be prosperous because they know what the result will be like if they continue to be devoted. For instance, in the story, Kewauna’s Ambition, Kewauna was determined to do well in college. In order to do so, she gave up aving friends and focused all of her time on her education. In college, she would spend all day and night on her homework and make sure she understood the material that was taught in class. She did not let anyone or anything stop her from getting her degree. She did this because she saw how being successful can affect her future in one way or another. At one point, Kewauna was having a financial issue where she didn’t have enough money to eat for numerous days and still this did not block her from accomplishing her goal. Kewauna never gave up on school no matter how hard it was or what she was going through.

Whenever she was struggling she would always find a way to fix the solution. This shows how determined she was to become successful because all they situations she went through it did not affect her path to success. There are many people out there that are just as determined to become successful as Kewauna like professional athletes. Carl Lewis was one of those professional athletes that dedicated five years to become successful. He started at age 13 and had his mind set to be in the Olympics. His results were amazing. Those five years of training got him ten Olympic medals.

This is one of the outcomes that showed how being dedicated to becoming successful will pay off in the end. To conclude, being successful needs determination because without determination success is nowhere to be found. Many people don’t think success is based on commitment because they think that success is about trying. However, this is not the case because trying and willing to try are two different outcomes. Success is based on efforts and people can’t be victorious without it. There would never be stories of people who succeed in life without dedication because it is not possible.

It is like saying how can someone show a wonderful poster they have done without adding effort to it, like adding color or design. No matter how small the task is, it can’t be comp without being dedicated. Determination is not the only part of being successful. One has eted to experience failure in life as well. People are not innate to be successful. To get there, they need to fail because from failing, they will learn from their mistake and use that as a guide to help them become successful. In the article, Struggle For Smarts? the author wanted to see how students in America and Japan learn.

In Japan, he discovered that when students are doing work in class, teachers will point out those students that are struggling with the assignment and would call them to the front of the class. The teacher does this because they want the class help and give that student critiques about what they need to add or adjust. He was outrageous because he thought that by putting those students in front of the class they would feel embarrassed. However, this was not the case. In Japan those students that are struggling are put in front of the class because the teacher wants them to understand what they are doing wrong and try to fix.

They believed that to become successful, students need to learn from their mistake. They can’t learn if the teacher put the work of a student who is doing it correctly in front of the class because it would only make the student feel less about themselves. By putting the incorrect work in front of the class it will not only helps them get one step closer to become successful, it will also show that they are not the only one who is struggling. Others who are sitting and watching the student will know that they aren’t the only one. It’s not students who fail before becoming successful, adults as well.

Many people know who Jim Carrey is, but for those that don’t know who he is, he is a famous comedian. What many people didn’t know that at his first performance he was booed off the stage. Not only he was booed off the stage, he didn’t get any parts in his auditions that he had tried out for. This did not stop him from being a comedian because learned from his mistake and never gave up. This shows that others who were like him will give up easily because they think that after failing so many times, they can’t be successful because no one accepted them.

This is wrong because after every failure they will learn what hey have to fix to make sure the next time they try to achieve their goal they will get there. They will achieve their goal because they know that all their past mistakes will lead to the perfect outcome. People may say that it is possible to be successful without failing because they can learn from other people mistakes, to make sure that they won’t repeat it. This is true, but they will still make a mistake at some point because no one is perfect and can be successful without making an error. From people’s first sporting event to people’s first day of work they will make a mistake.

When they do, it will help them realized how hard it is to be successful. The main idea of being successful is being hard working because hardworking shows and tells how much effort one is willing to do to be successful and doing whatever it takes to get there. In the story, Marita’s Bargain, it tells how hard working Marita was because Marita, as a fifth-grade student, wanted to make a difference and help children her age to get the same education as her. She made a deal with the KIPP program that if she continues to do well in school, they will continue the program at her school because none of them can afford the KIPP program.

She was so hardworking that all she ever did was focusing on school work and helping out her family. She did not spend time with friends or playing with her toys. This shows how hardworking she was for herself and others. She wanted to prove to her principal that all her hard work was not intended for her. She wanted to help others that are in her situation. Marita wanted to make sure that her difference will help the others children try in school so they won’t up end up like their parents in thirty years. There are people out there that think being successful doesn’t take hard work.

They believe this because in the video Don’t Eat Marshmallows, it shows how children at a young age, without education shows if they will be successful or not. The children were left in a room by themselves with a marshmallow. They were instructed that if they don’t eat the marshmallow in fifteen minutes they would get another and so on. The point of this experiment was to determine if you can tell if a child will be successful or not, and to prove this theory they would check up on those children over a ten years period of time and if their theory was they would expect it.

Those that ate the marshmallow right away was the one who was misbehaving in school and became a high school drop out, while those who didn’t eat the marshmallow were getting good grades and was on the right path to becoming successful. It may seem that this theory does prove a point but, being successful or not is a decision people have to make. No one is born being successful because those that want to be successful have to go through life and see how life works before they deciding if they want to be successful. This theory is not correct for everyone because everyone is divergent.

Plus this theory is hard to explain to children because all the children at this age they do not fully understand what is happening. Being successful takes three steps: being dedicated, a bit of failure, and being diligent. Without these steps, success is not possible because being successful is a challenge. Success takes dedication because those that want to be successful that must be committed to it. They can’t give up when it is hard. If they truly committed to it then their result will be what they imagined. They can’t expect to be successful without being determination.

Not only they have to be dedicated, they must fail as well. Failing shows them how they can learn from their mistake to make it better to become successful. Failing helps them know that being successful is not easy and they must not give up. Failing is just a step closer for them to become successful. Most importantly, no one can be successful without hard work. Hard work is the main idea of success because, without hard work, success is nothing. Being successful takes effort. Hard work makes people try their best to show what they can do and to show all of their strengths.

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