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Dalai Lama Epic Hero Essay

The 14th Dalai Lama: An Ultimate Hero In Merriam-Webster’s 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary the term “epic hero” is defined as: a character who is brave and noble, and also has many great achievements. This defines the current Dalai Lama(Lhamo Dondrub) perfectly in my opinion, for several reasons. He exemplifies all characteristics of an Epic hero, better yet he’s an Ultimate Hero. He has fought against communism for years peacefully and won a Nobel Peace Prize because of those noble actions. He continued to aim for a peaceful resolution through grave adversity and hardship, making him one of the strongest mental leaders of this age.

A certain cluster would like to say he’s no warrior because he swings no sword, nor does he shoot a bow. Unfortunately, they are wrong Lhamo Dondrub was and will always be a warrior at mind. Bravery Lhamo Dondrub has shown bravery on several occasions throughout his truly triumphant life. For many years he fiercely fought for Tibetan freedom from communist China circa 1960. He and his followers eventually had to flee to the Indian mountains in fear of assassination, they continued an alternate government there. The Dalai Lama and C. I. A bravely teamed up to train Tibetan troops for Chinese resistance.

This was a very controversial decision and move which caused major attention for the subject. Many people thought the C. I. A should not have been helping with these efforts at all, many thought otherwise. Many are also led to believe that the C. I. A’s involvement was based on ulterior motives. As you give more attention to Dondrub childhood, you begin to notice this pattern of bravery. Ever since The Dalai Lama was a boy, he has been forced to be brave and strong. Lhamo Dondrub was abruptly taken from his home circa 1935, which was the year the juvenile leader was nobly born.

He found himself in a ancient Tibetan Buddhist Monastery where he would be groomed for the considerable role of Dalai Lama. He had to be very enduring to be able to be away from his parents at such a developing age. Very soon after this occurrence disorder would cuff peaceful Tibet, therefore presenting the young Dalai Lama with his first predicament. As an inexperienced 15 year old fellow, The Dalai Lama and his insufficient aid were obliged to negotiate with Communist invaders determining the fate of the Tibetan people.

Although the attempt failed, Lhamo Dondrub even as a very young fellow showed extraordinary bravery. He was an epic hero the very day he was nobly born in my opinion. Nobleness “The Dalai Lama believed that even when a human has almost all of this world’s comforts: more than sufficient eats, nice home, a lover-he or she can still unfortunately become very miserable while handling a dreadful predicament. “(Laird 15) The Dalai Lama at a young age realized physical comfort could not subdue mental suffering.

He only directed his mind toward being as noble for his people as he possibly could be, he shunned all other physical things he deemed excessive. The Dalai Lama always stayed true to his high moral principles and strong personal beliefs of equality and freedom, he was noble with every move he made. This youthful boy would one day flourish into a great man: a receiver of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious award given only to those who exude greatness in 1 of 6 areas, ranging from Chemistry to Peace efforts.

The Dalai Lama was very honored to receive such an award, he was very modest in doing so. He spoke about how to himself he is just a “simple Tibetan monk” trying to do right by his life and others. In my opinion Lhamo Dondrub(The Dalai Lama) has reputably righteous and honorable personal qualities like no other. He is most definitely beyond noble. Great Achievements The Great Dalai Lama has many more achievements aside from the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, which is already a humongous achievement alone. The Dalai Lama was given the Christmas Humphreys Award from the Buddhist Society in the United Kingdom also.

This prestigious society provides a wide range of courses and classes in the Buddha’s teachings, as well as instruction in daily life practice. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is also proud beneficiary of the highest civil award, the Congressional Gold Medal in 2007. This award is given by American lawmakers to persons “who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is likely to be recognized as a major achievement in the recipient’s field long after the achievement. (Glassman 24)

The Dalai Lama deserved that award greatly, his achievements will be remembered forever for a fact. Many other achievements of the Dalai Lama are personal and of Buddhistic relation. Conclusion In Merriam-Webster’s 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary the term “epic hero” is defined as: a character who is brave and noble, and also has many great achievements. The Dalai Lama has done more than fit this description, he embodies it. The Dalai Lama born Lhamo Dondrub, rose to a very high position at a very young age.

Dondrub was born on July 6, 1935 to a horse trading family in the small village of Taktser. Soon he would become The 14th Dalai Lama, he would be of great historical importance to the Tibetan people. Almost all of Londrub’s actions have been courageous since he’s been a young boy, he’s never had the opportunity to be scared. His first task of many, was to negotiate with Chinese communist. That sounds pretty tough for a 15 year old in my opinion. The Dalai Lama has proven himself to be not only an epic hero but an ultimate one.

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