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Cloning humans and organs

Cloning humans and organs could only yield new technologies that will be beneficial to society. Organ cloning is something that would be extremely beneficial to society. For example, if we could clone human organs there would be no need for waiting lists for people looking for donors. Scientist could make a clone of a patients organ, that their body would be more likely to accept, without the imperfections of their previous organ. This way, another person who was on the waiting list could receive the organ.

In America there are thousands of people on waiting lists to receive new organs that will help prolong their life. Many of these people will die because there is not a suitable donor that matches their needs. Imagine the lives that will be saved if an individual can clone their own liver, or any other organ that is needed to survive an illness. The process is fairly uncomplicated. When a child is conceived, doctors will take a few cells from it and clone them. These cells will then be placed in a national tissue bank until needed. There they are readily available.

If the child gets hurt, or contracts a disease, it will have a repair kit to fall back on. Most of the controversy is over whether or not we will be killing another human in order to get these parts. In a sense, we would. The frozen embryo would be placed in a surrogate mother. There it needs only a mere week to grow. It can then be removed, and the needed organ singled out. Then, this organ can be grown in a lab, where scientists can speed up the process greatly. Yes, we did create the beginnings of a human, but it was only one week old.

Whether or not people believe in the “art” of cloning you have to agree that there are definitely good things that can come from all of this research. Researchers say that within 5-10 years we will actually be able to grow headless human clones. Im not saying that this should be ethical to everyone, but just imagine the possibilities. No more waiting lists, and nearly uliminating organ rejection should be and exiting prospect to everyone. This type of technology could save thousands of lives. Using just the embryonic cloning, we could drastically improve many peoples chance to live. Cloning has the ability to change the face of the planet forever. We should be excited that we are able to duplicate such a complex sequence of genes. Whatever you feel is morally right, we should at least allow this to happen because if we never explore the risks then we can never enjoy the benefits. As previously stated, nuclear technology has yielded many new technologies that will forever aid us in the bettering of our society. We cannot continue to prohibit the exploration of scientific study.

If this practice continues then we will not be able to continue to develop advancements in the prolonging of the human race. The imposed a ban on cloning basically imposes a ban on the right to live. In summary, cloning is ethical, and therefore should not be apposed by society. For the ongoing inhabitation of life on earth, cloning could be a very important feature. The questions raised by the dawn of human cloning are no reason for bans and criticism. The potential medical benefits are too great to let fear dictate policy. Once the technology is safe and reliable, it should be applied to humans.

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