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Cleft Palate Surgery Narrative Essay

My daughter’s cleft palate surgery The most memorable time in my life was my daughter’s cleft palate surgery. It was January 4th when my daughter and I had to leave El Paso, TX to take a trip to Austin, TX. It was a long drive for a little baby like her at the time she was only two years old. Early that morning my parents took us to the bus station. The bus was leaving at 6 a. m. in the morning to get to Austin, TX at midnight. My daughter and I felt it was the longest drive ever as the bus was very full and kept stopping. Finally, we arrived to Austin at midnight.

I had to walk around for some time until I found a cab to take us to the hotel. I was scared and nervous. I was all alone with my daughter in a city we didn’t know. We arrived to the hotel and finally felt safe and some peace. As soon as we walked in the room, I called my family and let them know we were good. The next morning, the cab was waiting for us to drive us to Dr. Harshbarger’s clinic. He is a specialist surgeon on facial reconstruction for kids. This time the reason for our visit was just to follow up with him to schedule her surgery.

We were at the office waiting to get called to see Dr. Harshbarger, after a 30 minute wait they finally called us in. My daughter and I waited at the private room to see the doctor. He comes in and we begin stalking about her recovery from her previous surgery. He tells me she’s ready for her palate repair surgery. In my head I’m thinking we’re going to schedule it and come back. The nurse comes in tells me to go outside and take a seat she will call me to schedule the surgery date. Nurse Mary Bree comes out and sits next to me and tells me Dr. Harshbarger has a opening that week on Friday and he wants us to stay in town so he can do the surgery on my daughter.

I looked at her really surprised and said “yes we can stay, i just need call medicaid so they can help me with the hotel and meals. ” She tells me that she going to introduce me to the social worker to help me with that. At this moment, I’m shocked and excited. I never expected to be that fast, but I’m scared, I’m all alone but I said to myself “Angie you can do this…. it’s for your daughter. ” At this time, the social worker comes and we both worked together and called and made arrangements with medicaid. They helped me with the meals and the hotel for as many days I needed it.

We get to the hotel and it was very cold but finally we were warm in the room. My daughter is watching cartoons and I’m on the phone telling my family that we’re staying longer since there was an opening for her surgery. My family was also worried but excited. I can hear their voices break down. After I hang up with my family I get a call, it was my grandmother telling me she was taking the next flight to Austin, TX so I wont be alone. I felt so happy I was going to have someone to be there for me in that moment. That Thursday night we’re ready to receive my grandma with us since the next day it was the big day for my daughter.

Early morning on Friday we drive over to the hospital. I’m so nervous and worried but they called us into the room to get her ready for the surgery. My little baby girl didn’t know what was about to happen. My heart was falling apart to see her so small and having to experience this. They finally take her in so I tell her how much I love her and cry. After seven hours of waiting, they call me and tell me that the surgery was over and I could go in to intensive care to see her. That moment was the worst seeing her in so much pain. She passed out on me twice and doctors were so concerned of her reaction.

Being there for a month wondering if she was going to make it or not is something I don’t wish no one will ever have to go through. But my little angel, my warrior, fought so hard, she overcame it and we left the hospital on January 29th making our way back to El Paso, TX. This event was so memorable to me because I learned that a mother’s love can be so strong and powerful in our kids’ life. I learned not to give up and have faith even though things seem so bad. I will never forget this day that marked my life and my daughter’s.

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