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The Wing city Chicago When I first visit Chicago two years ago, I thought Chicago is Just a city with cold winter and nothing fancy. So I always stay in my little comfort zoon like Chinatown and only hangout with my Chinese friends. However, after a month of exploring Chicago, I was totally wrong. Chicago is a place with rich history, culture diversity and innovation in business. It is so fabulous and modern, yet so calm and beautiful. When you pay close attention to your surrounding, you will discover the culture mix is everywhere. The different neighborhood has its own traditions, in term of art, music, DOD and religion.

Yet, they were all somehow so united and shared same sprit of being citizen of Chicago. Chicago is nothing like Detroit. It will not fall like Detroit, because Chicago innovation and variety of the business were so advanced, it could make change to adopt current economic situations. The culture is so important in a global city like Chicago. Chicago is like a box, which packed all the different ethnic groups together. Mixing with the rich history, people from around the world shares all the different believe seems to be sharing with each other and started to melt down into one.

They call them citizen of Chicago. The citizen of Chicago has a huge advantage over others. They don’t have to drive hours to find the food they want and they never worried about what to eat. Like most of the global city, Chicago has huge variety of food. The Chinatown provides huge variety of Chinese food and emphasized on the famous cooking style around China. I had visited all restaurants across the Chinatown over two years time. The authentic of the food is great in old town. However, in the new town area they modified and improvised on the food with a little American element.

If you are the type person ho like to enjoy spicy and grilled food, you should Just started making your way to the west of the Carmaker. The two distinguished neighborhood pipeline and little village provides you with delicious authentic Mexican food. You are expected to find a lot of delicious taco there. Little Italy is no so far away from Chinatown as well, if you are thinking of some really good pastas. If all of the food above does not work for you, you can Just yelp a sushi restaurant near you, I can ensure you it is almost everywhere. However, if you are looking for authentic sushi then you must go to the ere north part of Chicago.

The variety of the food is Just part of identity to global city. What contribute to Chicago as an alpha+ global city is about the innovation of the food. Did you realize the some of the restaurant in downtown you see simply looks cool? The design of the sushi restaurant is like a club with all the lighting and modern furniture. Who will think of the sushi will be BBC or chess to be placed on top of sushi? The sushi restaurant NUN is making so much innovation and culture mix that produce a food which so unique that many people were attracted to the saturate.

Not to mention about the Michelin three start restaurant Alien, its Just a hell a lot of fame in them. Those benefits of having such variety and innovation of If food and arts are the expression of the culture element of global city, Music is then the soul of the Chicago. Music is everywhere in this talented land and deep rooted in every neighborhood. During the excursion to Chinatown, my group and I discover that the different type of the music played in the store creates very different culture experience.

The soft and high note music played in the traditional archaize store, where in the new town we were having modern Chinese pop or even American latest hit. Across the street two element of old and young both are expression of how Chinese interpreting Chicago culture. The soft and high pitch notes Creates this close engagement of Chinese culture and modern-pop by the young and energetic people was Just showing how the new generation of people in china town has deeply involved in this global culture mix. If you continue going west bound of Carmaker, you will be entering a totally different world.

Guitar mixed with all efferent kind of high note pipes, in a fast and happy pace, you will find yourself dance around store to stores. Language itself can type of music as well. In little village you can imagine when the whole area of people is speaking Spanish and you will unintentionally started greeting “Hole” to the passes. When you step into downtown you can feel the existence of the legend muddy water’s legacy. People are performing and singing Chicago blues at the corner of the street. What has been remarkable to me during this summer course was the group excursion to Generically.

The generically neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago and has a reputation for insularity or hostility to outsiders. It is located at 40th street to 47th street between Halsted Street and Wentworth Avenue. It was heavily influenced by the development and decline of the livestock and meatpacking industries. Historically, it has been known as an Irish American neighborhood. During the visit to the church, professor and I were able to have a short conversation with the church keeper. She told us about how she was lucky that grant acceptance by the neighborhood when she married to the Irish guy.

Although, this neighborhood has kept its tradition, the culture is always evolving. From no acceptance of foreign race at town, the tolerance has gradually increased, which is sign of how Chicago has a city has become more educated and tolerance. The economy of Chicago is strong. It has the third largest gross metropolitan product in the United States, which is approximately $532 billion. The city has also been rated as having the most balanced economy in the United States, due to its high level of diversification. Chicago is home to more than 400 major corporate headquarters.

Its diversity of he business, from in every sector from risk management innovation to manufacturing to information technology to health services, made Chicago so flexible that could adapt major economic crisis. The transformation of architecture in Chicago has played an essential role in the history of this city, even the history of the United States. The United States’ Fort Progress World’s Fair have been commemorated on Chicago flag as stars. Two of these four historical events are highly related to the architecture. The interactions between the city and the past have also reflected the history of American architectural style.

The Great Chicago Fire did not destroy the city but stimulated the largest building booms in the history of nation in 19th century. The intrinsic spirit of Chicago embedded in the architecture from the reconstruction. People briefly summarized as a spirit of never giving up. The World Columbian Exposition 1893 in the city has led to a positive for the relocation of prominent architects. The “Chicago School” and the “Second Chicago School” represented modern architecture in America. The constructions of Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower, the

Non Center, and the John Hancock Center are the four tallest buildings in the city, these landmark buildings are constructed in varying styles in Chicago. The architecture styles in Chicago allowed people coming from various cultures to find their own interests here. Chicago is a sprit. It has the courage to rebuild the city from ruin. Chicago is an Idea. From railroad to meat packing, From small business trading to worlds 17% of the global derivatives trading market. Chicago is about people. Ethnic across the global come here to share the same believe. They united together to achieve better future.

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