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Character Analysis: The Salem Witch Trials Essay

Salem was a calm town on the North Coast of Massachusetts. But everything changed when the Salem Witch Trials began. Nicole walked cautiously through the mysterious purple mist, as she walked she noticed the meeting house that was in every village. On the contrary, there was something bizarre about this village, it was foreign to her. Suddenly another peculiar observation hit Nicole, the village was absolutely deserted! In addition, not only that but the area actually looked like a battle scene. She inched closer and closer to the meeting house, suddenly Nicole stumbled and unnervingly she spotted what had made her stumble, it was a book.

Nicole thought it was silly that a book was in the middle of this specific place. Out of the blue Nicole had a feeling she was not alone and was being watched by hundreds of eyes. She became extremely petrified and started spinning around, eyeing everything to make sure nothing would hurt her. It was such a strange sight a beautiful loving mother in the center most of a deserted town spinning, crying, and screaming with a book clutched in her hands. Startled Nicole awakened with a rapid heart beat, it had just been a dream! Nicole swiftly got out of bed and frantically wobbled through the narrow hallway, into her daughter’s bedroom.

In a second her daughters, Mary and Amy sat upright on the bed. “What’s wrong? “, Mary asked with worry. Nicole replied, “Oh um-mm, nothing, sorry, go back to bed” She walked shakily out of the bedroom, the incomprehensible dream still hovering in her head. When she was in her room again she glanced at her clock, it read 3:27am, there was no way she was going back to sleep. She lay still on the bed replaying the dream with a tornado of questions propelling around her head. Was there a reason for this shudder some dream ? What would happen? Would people think she was out of her mind? What would happen to her daughters?

Nicole loved her daughters very much, and even more when their father had left them. Mary and Nicole were fairly close together despite their ages, Mary 8 and Amy 11. They were beautiful kids, externally and internally. Likewise both girls had dark brown locks of hair that highlighted their mysterious light brown eyes, they had petite pink lips that made them look a bit sheepish. They were short for their ages, but very studious when it came to school and were very sweet and generous. As the sun arose Nicole started to do her daily errands.

At the breakfast table everyone was silent until it was time for school. Let’s go girls, you don’t want to be late “. “Okay ma'” said Amy On their way to school while Mary was skipping ahead, Amy slowed her pace to have a talk with her mom. Amy asked, ” Are you okay, mum’? What happened last night? ” “Just a bad dream. ” Nicole said “Alright mum” said Amy After the girls had been left at school and Nicole was back at the house, the dream began coming back to her. What a strange and vivid dream that had been. To ease her nerves Nicole decided to go for a walk, after a while of wondering and walking she noticed she was far away from home.

However Nicole thought it would be interesting to have a look at another village. During her tour she noticed the most important part of the town, the meeting house. She walked toward it in awe,then felt something touch her feet. She looked down and saw a book, suddenly she remembered the dream. With fear she bent down slowly and grabbed the book, and made her way back to her own village. During her way back she found the courage to read the book. What she read was unspeakable, it was a diary. This specific diary focused mostly on one particular event the Salem

Witch Trials, Nicole gasped the dreadful event had taken place about 1 year ago. When Nicole finally got home she naturally hid the book under a drawer in the living room. Afterwards when Mary and Amy got home from school she took it out. Nicole said, “Girls i found this old ragged diary today and it’s about the trials. ” Mary and Amy gasped “Are you sure ? “asked Amy “Yeah,l found it in the next village, I read a couple of entries. ” Nicole replied. “Listen. ”

There the 3 of them sat in the living room taking turns reading the odd diary. After about 3 hours they decided to go to bed. Come on, we go to go to sleep” said Nicole Mary said ” The stories were scary, I cant go to sleep” “It’s okay Mary, I’ll be with you” Amy said The words comforted Mary and they all went to sleep, or tried to go to sleep. The next morning Mary, Amy, and Nicole looked horrible, they had dark circles below their eyes and their hair, that was once beautiful and glossy, was now ragged and messy. At the breakfast table no one spoke, all were still disturbed by the diary entries. As part of the morning routine Nicole dropped Mary and Amy off at school.

Nicole walked slowly back home and continued with her daily errands. Meanwhile at school Mary and Amy had trouble focusing on the school lesson. Meanwhile in Mary’s classroom, little Mary was still haunted by the diary that contained horrendous events that occurred during the Salem Witch Trials. Mary was antsy to tell somebody, so she told her best friend, Megan. Megan listened attentively and in the end she was left wide eyed. Mary was shocked. Would Megan think she was crazy? At the end of the school day Nicole went to pick up her two girls.

“How was school ? “Nicole asked Good ” Amy replied “Mary? ” Nicole asked “How was your school day? ” “Oh um good” replied Mary Mary was worried because she had told Megan about the secret diary. Would her mom find out? Later that same afternoon, Mary an Amy were in there room, busy with school work. Mary let out a sigh. “What’s wrong Mary, what happened? “Amy asked “It’s just that today at school i told Megan about the diary and I am scared mom will get mad” Mary answered “The stories were scary” “Its okay, she’s not going to get mad” said Amy” Cheer up, let’s play a game” “Oh let’s tell scary stories!

The first one to get scared loses! ” Mary exclaimed with joy Although Amy didn’t think it was a good idea, she did what her sister wanted. But they soon regretted everything when the sun left the sky. Both girls were fearful and were imagining spooky things lurking in the shadows. Once again they had trouble sleeping. The next day was as usual, quiet. Nicole did what she needed to do and dropped Mary and Amy off at school

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