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Chapter 3: Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic

population geography
study of the spatial and ecological aspects of population (distribution, density, fertility, gender, health, age, mortality, and migration)
another way to say population geography
population density
measurement of the population per unit area
formal demographic regions
demographic regions based on the single trait of population density
carrying capacity
maximum number of people that can be supported in a given area
annual number of births per thousand population
total fertility rate
number of children the average women will bear during her reproductive lifetime
zero population
when the average number of births and deaths is equal
population explosion
rapid, accelerating increase in world population since about 1650, and especially since 1900
belief that overpopulation is the root cause of poverty, illness ,and warfare
demographic transition
term used to describe the movement from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates
population pyramid
graph used to show the age and sex composition of a population
gender roles
defining what it means to be a man or a woman according to a culture
infant mortality rate
number of infants per 1000 live births who die before reaching one year of age
those fleeing from persecution
push and pull factors
unfavorable and repelling conditions vs attractive conditions that cause migration
personal space
amount of space that individuals believe belongs to them as they go about their daily business
farm villages
clustered rural settlements of moderate size, inhabited by people engaged in farming
center of farm operations, containing the house, barn, sheds, and livestock pens
sex ratio
numerical ration of males to females in a population
death rate
annual deaths per 1000 persons in the population
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