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Ceramic Artist Career Essay

Career and College Research Paper Careers are an important part of our everyday lives as an adult and it’s important to know what career is the absolute best to choose as a high school student. The career I have chosen is a ceramic artist or pottery designer and the reason I have chosen this career, for I am a very crafty person. Ceramics contains a type of craft and they specialize in the making of pottery. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making an important decision.

Ceramic artist work in a self-employed environment and work as an individual. They work in studios and work on the clay items to sell their work they had created. “Average weekly hours worked for a full time Potter and Ceramic Artist is 42. 4 hours(“Potters and Ceramic Artists – Career Advice and Salary Guide – Open Universities Australia”). ” In there workshop or studio they would normally be surrounded by a variety of tools and equipment that would create the ceramic item. Another option for a ceramic artist is selling their work online or open up their own store and sell the artwork.

There is normally not a required or specific place for an artist to create their work, it can be anywhere if a studio isn’t the artist best or fit place for them. Some artist could even create their own items or pieces right at home if they wanted to, and not work in studios or workshops. Normally, a daily routine as a ceramic artist would first most importantly be brainstorming what the art piece might be and how it might look. Gather all the tools needed together to create the art piece, sketch the brainstorm idea and the artist will then get the clay to make the piece.

After the artist created the piece the artist would let it dry, add on designs and the final step would sell the piece. If the artist had a customer the artist would create the piece just as the customer wanted the piece to look like and generally talk about different designs and shapes the customer wants on the piece that will be created. The artist that doesn’t have a customer could just freehand a piece and design however the artist wants the piece to look like. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, does state that fine artists – including sculptors – made an average annual salary of bout $53,080 in 2010(“Ceramic Career | Salary | Information”). ” As times have passed the artist will become more experienced and have more advanced skills depending on what type of person the artist is, the wage many vary for some artists. There is many similar careers to this career but there is a sculptor, which an artist basically manipulates hand materials to make the three-dimensional art pieces.

A sculptor’s starting salary would be about $42,650 and depending on how high the skill as a sculptor they would earn about $80,000 per year(“Sculpting Career | Salary | Information | Education”). The past job market statistics as a ceramic artist was less than the total average, which was less than 7%. ” The current job market statistics grown 2% from 2014-2024 slower than the average for all occupations(“Summary”)”. The prediction for the future would still be the same for many reasons, not a lot of students are more likely prefer to be a nurse or lawyer than an artist.

Salaries in Oklahoma and in other states are about the same range but will depend on the artist’s skill level. Skills are important in any career or anywhere someone will go and those skills stay with that person. They determine what kind of person they are, whether they are crafty or benevolent trying to get a person to feel well. As a ceramic artist you will need to have many creative skills and creativity and being lucid is the most important skill to have as an artist. They need to have great communication skills to communicate with customers to make an art piece they would prefer.

Organization and cleaning skills are great character traits that are needed for an artist, so the artist will know where the tools are and be less organized creating a piece. Picking up and cleaning after creating a piece is mportant for many reasons, not losing any important items or tools, and stepping in messy dried up clay laying around. Life experiences that an artist would be helpful in would be doing daily routines, keep an organized life and have great social skills to help communicate with others.

The college thatI would like to attend is the Institute of American Indian Arts and would be the best choice for the career I have chosen. It is an institute of arts and is the only institution of higher learning in the world dedicated to contemporary Native American art. This specific institute of arts I have chosen is filled with many art majors, which includes creative writing, museum studies, studio arts and liberal studies. It’s located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the institute is about 140-acres.

The tuition for undergraduate students is $4,460 per year and includes a meal plan, housing, book materials etc(“Tuition Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)”)”. “This institute does not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program, instead they go through financial awards based on demonstrated financial eligibility”. (“Key Facts and Public Documents Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)”). They want all of the students goals met and make any effort to meet the financial assistance needs of students The degree for a ceramic artists would be Bachelor in Arts and Science.

Ceramic artist would major in arts and crafts that would be in a wide-ranging work in studio art. “Foundational course classes that are required in studio arts would be 2D fundamentals, 3D fundamentals, color theory and practice, drawing 1, drawing 2, figure drawing, introduction to digital arts and studio fundamentals(“Studio Arts Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)” )”. These classes are required to take in the ajor studio arts and are extremely helpful for this career field. After I graduate it will be easy to get this career depending on my skill level.

The institute does not require an ACT or SAT score, just as long as the student’s GPA is above 2. 0. The requirements to get in the institute is to have a minimum of 10 art pieces that was created within the 2 years. If the student is registering for a college level math or english course the student would need to submit their high school transcript or GED(“Apply Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)”). High school activities are not equired to attend this institute but must have their transcript.

Taking art classes would be a useful start for going to this institute and high schools credits are needed too. My plan this year as junior is do more research and learn more about the institute I want to go to. One of my personal goals is to practice my drawing and try to create items. I plan to have a steady, organized mind and try my best to get into this institute. I want to reach my goals by doing the right things and not letting anything get in the way of wanting to get into college. I would ant to be confident and not be nervous, since this institute is out of state away from home.

My personal goals is to be nonchalant, be prepared and get everything together as a person. I want to do more research, apply and come up with a great plan for me to be prepared. My grades are important and I will try my absolute best to keep them up. School is important to get the right education and find out what career a person wants best for themselves. The most helpful preparation would be taking a tour or talking to a admission counselor about how to apply and talk about many other important topics.

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