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Asian Stereotypes Essay

The word stereotype is not a new to anyone It is a part of everyday life. There are a lot of stereotypes created every day all around the world. They are just truths that relate to every individual in a particular culture. Films and articles have been the main source for portraying Asians are smart; this is evident by their performance, high talents, skills, and IQ levels. Asians are categorized throughout many stereotypes. Stereotypes are a “simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by a member of a group” (“Dictionary. om”).

Asians are recognized as smart, over chievers, and highly talented. Asians are overachievers because when they approach a task they put a lot of effort and hard work towards it. “Asian immigrants in these years have begun with one advantage; they are tremendously educated than an average American student” (“Kristoff”). Immigrants from Asian countries usually try their level best to get into a good school or colleges. Most Asians parents make a lot of sacrifices for their kid’s education and make them realize the importance and the value of academics.

Most Asian who are high achievers often want to achieve in subjects related to math or technology. The achievement of Asian is an appreciation for tough work, strong families for supporting for success and their talents. Most Asians get at the top of the class because their parents take an important role in their education and help them excel in school or college. They make sure they get involved in this hard work and see their kids excelling really well in school. Asian parents follow two most Ramakrishnan 2 important ways out of all.

The first way the Asian parents do is to, define who their children are in school. Asian parents give more importance to the roles as educators. Asian children need o obey their teacher and do the best in class, and when they come back from school, they need to obey their parents and focus on studies that include; homework, review previously learned material, or any other additional assignment.

The second way is to reward them for their positive hard work and make them rectify what they did wrong with the negative work. Most Asian parents are result orientated” (“GreatSchools Staff”) because they feel if they reward their child, they might not do well next time when they take another test or quiz. These are the two important ways that the Asian parents follow for their child to excel in their studies. The secret behind the success of the Asian Americans is truly the high skills and talents they have. When an Asian goes to another country the “Immigration law favors highly educated, high-skilled immigrant applicants from Asian countries” (“Jennifer Lee”).

When these Asian children go to another country for their studies, they are presented with various opportunities that lead them to succeed in school. There are privilege that mostly includes after-school tutoring and extra help from teachers. A lot of Asians have positive stereotypes for their characteristic and they are being called “Asians are smart” (“Yook’) and later hen they are being called smart too often they will be known as “Asians are smart because they are Asian” (“Yook”). Sometimes this kind of stereotyping is interesting, but at times, it is so offensive.

The other children calling them they are smart is sometimes hurtful and it makes them think did they do something wrong. When Asian kids go to a different country the native people of that country thinks that Asian immigrants are taking over the country with their high talents, skills, and their excellent performance. There was an Australian professor who saw the performance of the Asian people in Ramakrishnan 3 he college that he taught and he filed a complaint that “Asian Immigrants are taking over Australia and outperforming than the Native Born Australian kids” (“Petty”).

These kind of complaints makes the Asian kids feel if they are in a right direction or did they do something wrong. After reading this complaint, a Neuro Science person named “Michael Petty” took up with the issue and he talked about why the Asians are successful than the native-born Australian kids. The most important key to success is hard work. Petty did a research on this compliment and it showed that non-English speaking mmigrants who come to Australia or any other country performed better in school, on average than the native-born kids in that country.

This success of these immigrants is because of the high level of motivation and goals, which they have on their education. This kind of comparison is portraying that nobody can be smarter other than Asian and the other native- born people of that country Films are the major resource to show how the Asians are smart because it portrays the various situations where the Asian people are able to achieve their dreams and make them look a highly talented person in the society. Multiple movies depict

Asians as being smart, with the first example being Big Hero 6. The character named Hiro Hamada, who is a thirteen-year-old boy and enjoys competing in bot battles in his free time. When his elder brother Tadashi dies from the fire incident, he forms a group of his friends and he decides to do a revenge with the person that was the reason for his brother’s death. With the experience, he takes over the robot Baymax that his brother built and there is a lot of battle going on between his group and the evil person.

During these planning, it shows that how smart he is and how he uses the mind to take the revenge and win the battle. With his level of intelligence and the maturity, he shows his talents and proves that he can do anything to take the revenge for the cause of his brother’s death. The second example is Go Go Tomango from big hero 6 who works with Hiro Hamada younger Ramakrishnan 4 brother of Tadashi. She also helps Hiro during the revenge from that evil person who was the culprit of this fire incident.

She shows her high talents during this planning and does everything to the best of her ability. Go Go Tomango is a strong, and a brave Asian girl who approaches the problem and takes the revenge on the evil person for the loss of her best friend. The third example is the movie Slumdog millionaire where an 18- year-old person named Jamal Malik, who lives in the streets and does not have a lot of talents to work, participates in an Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and have a motive towards winning those million Indian rupees.

Since he is uneducated, living in the streets lot of people who are educated and richer than he is, involved him in many unnecessary problems, but his family, friends supported him, he got one more opportunity to take part in the game, and he wins the million rupees. This tells that poor or richer all it takes to be uccessful is to have a motivation and hard work towards it. In modern society, many people feel that they need to live up to the expectation and prove to others who they really are.

The stereotype of AsSians being called smart because of their performance, talents, and skills is true, because of the key to success, which is hard work. Each Asian take their education seriously, work hard, and are motivated to achieve their dreams. Asian parents always teach their kids the three basic mantra right from childhood, which are honesty, sincerity, and perseverance. If they follow this, anyone could be smart.

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