Ap World History

Group migrating I Participants demographics I Destination I Reception I Effects/ impact I Aztec I It consisted of The nah people, who lived in the Catalan caves. I The valley of Mexico ( which their god hotchpotch’s commanded them to go to) I I Mongols I A relatively small group of steppe( dry grassland and high elevation) nomads. I Shingle khan united the Mongols in their invasion of china, but eventually the empire spanned from the pacific ocean to eastern Europe. When the Mongols came to china, china tried to defend itself, but was ultimately taken over.

This was the fate for every other location it visited. The locations that weren’t taken over, were always in constant fear of the Mongols. They eventually became assimilated into the culture of the people it defeated. I Russia, which was conquered by the golden horde ad a tribute state, didn’t unify or culturally develop as quickly as its European neighbors to the west. The fax Mongolia opened up lines of direct communication,. Which allowed retraced to o fatter than ever before. The Mongols also spread the black death, one of the worst pandemics in history, wrought the trade routes.

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I Turks I Also known as the Useless Turks. A Indo-European nomadic group from central Asia, who lived primarily on the borderer bob basis lands. I They migrated to middle east during various parts of this era. I They had a bad reception with the Byzantine empire, because they attacked them during the crusades. I Useless Turks were indirectly responsible, then, for Rupee’s growing interest and involvement in long-distance trade. Lengthened India to Islam I Vikings I I I Arabs I Jewish Diaspora I Indian and Chinese Diaspora I slaves I I

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