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Palmer Raids were when the government allow wed police man to raid immigrants home without a warrant or doing anything about the issue when it happened. For instance, in the A. Mitchell Palmer article its stays,”An while they infected our social idea s with the disease of their own minds and their unclean moral, we can get rid of them! ” This demonstrates how palmer raids are justifiable rather than being a use of mist retirement. The fear of communism lead Americans to define immigrants constitutional rights by Nava ding their homes Carcinoma without a warrant and imprisoning immigrants without any evidence.

The fee r Of communism is blinding Americans to go against their human morals just to stay on the safe s did of things. In addition, the way fear of communism affected American politics and society dramatically was by trying to Americanize the immigrants to avoid having this belief of communism. For intense, the Nicholas Murray Butler article states,”We must address ourselves to the task of making sure that these newcomers, from whatever land, do see the meaning of America, do learn the history and the opportunity of America.

An we must do it quickly… ” This demonstrates how Butler is trying to solve avoiding communism by hoping to change the minds of incoming immigrants to realize that the U. S system is much better than the idea of communism. Therefore, he tries to change the culture of immigrants and chaw Eng who they are an change the way they do things to make sure communism does not happen in America. Another reason of how fear of communism affected American politics and Soc itty dramatically .

For instance Alma white feared that if America ever became a c unionism country it would collapse and start a revolution that could cause terror. For example,” Their determination is to reduce all people to the same social and economic level, an advocate any means whatsoever for the accomplishing for this, mere legislation and political revolution to a ere gnu of terror”(Clansmen:Guardians) This demonstrates how Alma is trying to pursue De the people that if America ever became a communist country it would become nothing but term ROR.

White is conveying that communist destroys countries and destroys people’s lives and harms those who are innocent. In addition, fear of communism affected American politics and society drama cyclical due to highest legal power abuse their power. For instance, the Nation Popular Go Vermont League Carcinoma article states how people with power have such a great fear of communist that t they end up abusing their power that causes problems with the people.

For example,” Sins e these illegal acts have been committed by the highest legal powers in the United States, there s no final appeal from them except to the conscience an condemnation of the American people Popular) This demonstrates how people with power end up abusing their power and g ongoing against the constitutional rights of the people. As well, as to question the decisions of the government and their capacity of running things and leading on the nation. Finally, the fear of communism affected the American politics and society drag medical lay due to the government making decisions that were made for no reasons.

For I instance, Frederick Lewis Allen states , “What killed it? The realization, for one thing , that there ha d never been any sufficient cause for such a panic as had convulsed the country ‘(Only Yesterday y). This demonstrates how most of what government did was for no reason due to co Unisom being nowhere near to the united states. Therefore, all the government did was ca SE tension and questioning to their authority due to the bad decisions made due to the fear.

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