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Angry Biker-Far Out Man Analysis Essay

The Barbarians (1987) – Dirtmaster – Twin barbarians plan to take revenge on the warlord who murdered their tribe and places them in captivity as children. The Dirtmaster, portrayed as Michael Berryman, forces the twins into slavery, where they train to fight as gladiators.

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988) – The Mummy – In this horror comedy film, Eddie and his family inherit a creepy, ramshackle house. They are unaware that the house was built over an evil passage, but they soon realize what it unravels. Michael Berryman portrays “the Mummy” in this film, among other classic horror monsters.

Far Out Man (1989) – Angry Biker – Far Out Man is the first movie where Tommy Chong performs independently of his sidekick, Cheech Marin. Tommy Chong, an aging hippie travels America in an effort to recapture his youth by finding his family. In this comedy film, Michael Berryman portrays an angry biker Tommy encouters.

Solar Crisis (1990) – Matthew – In this science fiction film, a solarflare is expected to cook the Earth shortly! Astronauts must travel to the Sun to drop a talking pomp at a specific time to redirect flare elsewhere. Giant IXL Corp CEO, Teague doesn’t believe the flare will come to fruition and hopes the mission will fail, which will enable him to purchase the planet cheaply. Michael Berryman portrays Matthew in a bit role in this film.

Aftershock (1990) – Queen – This science fiction film is about an alien who visits Earth during World War III and there the alien learns English by absorbing a dictionary and encounters both the good and the bad in humanity. At a typical Earthling hangout, Franklin’s Bar, the alien is introduced to Cassidy, a muscular man and and his friend, Queen, a quirky biker who wears a wig and lipstick and is portrayed by Michael Berryman.

Evil Spirit (1990) – Mr. Balzac – In this horror tale, a boarding house experiences strange deaths and disappearances among the residents, who are mostly disabled in some way. In the absence of the boarding house residents who have vanished, the landlady continues to cash their government disability checks, but that’s not the only strange occurrence happening at the house. Michael Berryman portrays one of the house’s residents, a writer, who is fond of eating sandwiches.

Teenage Exorcist (1991) – Herman – Teenage Exorcist is a horror film about a straight-laced college student, who rents a spooky old house from a creepy realtor, Herman, who is portrayed by Michael Berryman. A an ancient demon lives in the basement of the property and quickly possesses the student, Diane, turning her into a succubus.

The Guyver (1991) – Lisker- This science fiction film is loosely based on the Japanese manga series, “The Guyver”. The film tells the tale of of a young man, who discovers an alien artifact that changes him into an an alien-hybrid super soldier called. “The Guyver”. Barker discovers that a major corporation, “Chronos”, wants the artifact and soon realizes that operators of Chronos are not human. Chronos’ President sends out his henchman, Lisker, who is portrayed by Michael Berryman to retrieve the artifact, which is dubbed, “the unit”. floor.

Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) – Pilgrim #1 – Dar is a warrior who can talk to animals. He travels to Earth to stop his evil brother from stealing an atomic bomb and destroying their native land. He gets help with some friends along the way, but so does his brother. Michael Berryman portrays a pilgrim on his way to worship at the Temple of Ar.

The Crow (1994) – The Skull Cowboy (Scenes Deleted) – Eric Draven and his fiancee are brutally murdered. Eric comes back to life to avenge their murders. In the film’s original cut, Eric fights with Funboy before killing him. Knocking the straight razor from Darla’s hand, Eric siphons the morphine from her blood, and when she leaves, Funboy wakes up in the bathtub and grabs the razor, attacking Eric and cutting his hands and torso. Due to Eric’s weakened state induced by healing Darla, he is unable to heal himself properly, which explains the Skull Cowboy hallucination. However, the scenes in which Michael Berryman portrays the Skull Cowboy were, of course, also cut.

Double Dragon (1994) – Maniac Leader – Two brothers own half of a both ancient and powerful Chinese talisman. An evil leader of a gang owns the other half and has his mind set on obtaining the half owned by the brothers’ half to complete the medallion in order to gain absolute omnipotence. In this film, Michael Berryman portrays the lader of the gang, the “Maniacs”.

Mojave Moon (1996) – Angel – In this dark comedy, Al, a middle aged man, is at his favorite restaurant where he meets an attractive young lady, Elie, who is seeking a ride to the Mojave Desert, where her mother resides. He is unaware that Ellie is falling in love with him as he’s falling for her mother, who’s jealous boyfriend just might go crazy at any time. Even weirder are the hysterical events that leave Al with some explaining to do. Michael Berryman portrays Angel, a friend of Shorty’s, a “black market” salesman who can procure unusual things for a price.

Spy Hard (1996) – Bus Patron with Oxygen Mask – In this action comedy film, General Rancor expresses plans to destroy the world with a missile he’s keeping hidden at his secret base. However, to achieve his task, he requires a specific computer chip, which was created by the scientist, Professor Ukrinsky. Special Agent, Dick Steele, is assigned to the case. He joins forces with the Professor’s daughter Veronique, a KGB agent. Michael Berryman portrays a bus patron with an oxygen mask in a bit part in this film.

The Independent (2000) – Himself – In this film, a notable B-movie director attempts to make a comeback by seeking the film rights to a serial killer’s biography. The serial killer would like his biography film to be a musical. Michael Berrman portrays himself in this film.

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