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An Essay About Pet Peeves

Tam a collector of things I hate. In kindergarten, I knew I would grow up to be a scientist. I was so sure of it that I drew a crude picture of myself standing over a lab table surrounded by beakers filled with mysterious, colorful liquids in my journal. By fifth grade I dreamt of designing skyscrapers and changing skylines until I figured out I wanted nothing to do with math. By middle school I wanted to be a lawyer or an interior designer, whichever one made more money. By high school my response to “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” was a sheepish smile, an awkward pause, and the confession that I had no idea.

As my mother puts it, I only know what I dislike. I only know that math is my worst enemy, that I failed AP Chemistry, and I can’t draw a straight line. Everything else is still a mystery. Thus my decision to major in marketing was less of a choice and more of a lack of a better option. Knowing my weaknesses is a strength, but it does not make facing them any easier. The subjects I struggled with in high school will most likely not be easier in college. While marketing does not use physics or trigonometry, the analytical process still requires the same mindset. Marketing Analytics is a class that terrifies me.

I have never been wired to find patterns in large sets of data or to “[design] and [implement] research designs for valid data. ” However, that’s not to say I don’t think I made the right move. Despite my indecision, marketing is a field that holds promise. I’m especially looking forward to taking Marketing Management. The course covers “behavioral theories of customer response and strategic frameworks of customer brand management. ” The psychology behind why consumers make the choices they do has always fascinated me. In a similar vein, the Strategic Internet Marketing class also fascinates me.

I grew up in the age of pop-up ads and spam mail. The sophistication of current internet marketing is impressive. As someone who constantly runs Ad-block, I am curious to see whether internet marketing is effective or not. Although I may not have been able to decide on a major based on what I like, I do have passions. From my first bright pink, furcovered journal to the moleskine I carry around now, I have always loved writing. I consider myself a poet, primarily, but I have not had the opportunity to branch out and learn more about the different forms of writing.

My first true creative writing classes were in the summer before my senior year. I attended a three week intensive focused solely on creative writing. Within that short time, I knew I wanted to submerge myself in the knowledge of my craft. Thankfully, I can choose to pursue a creative writing minor. While I am most excited for the Intro to Poetry class, I am also looking forward to learning about fiction writing. My inner creative streak is the main reason why I chose to major in marketing. As Carey Feng, a current junior, puts it, “I am attracted to the creative side of marketing.

Advertisements have always been fascinating to me. As any of my friends could tell you, one of my biggest pet peeves is a bad commercial. I despise any kind of infomercial, anything that makes me want to change the channel, and especially any bad jingles. Advertising at it’s worst can make me want to throw my TV out of a high rise window. Advertising at it’s best, however, can make me want to laugh or cry or scream. The best commercials are the ones we can relate to. The human connection is something I strive for in my writing, and that I look for in the world.

I realize that my degree will focus on the analytical side of marketing, but it can also open doors in the advertising world in the future. No matter what direction I decide to go with my education after I graduate, it is a relief that companies recognize the value of Case Western and hire accordingly. 59% of business majors are employed by graduation and 89% are employed within the three months after. I was also reassured by Carey who spoke of her ease in getting an internship by “attend[ing] job fairs and us[ing] the resume workshops provided by the career center. I am already looking to land an internship this summer and to get a taste of the marketing world.

I am not the same girl who wanted to wear lab coats, or draw blueprints, or make partner in a law firm. However, those versions of myself have not died. They have evolved and been redefined. Many people come to college expecting to find themselves, but I believe we are always changing. Up until this point, I have only known what I hate, but here there are no limits. I can cater solely to my interests. I can choose what makes me happy. I will be a collector of things I love.

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