America’s history summary chap

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Sons and daughters of wealthy farmers received a portion Of the property, such as land and livestock. This portion repaid them for their labor and allowed the parents to choose the partners for marriage. Once a woman is married, she had to give all her property to her husband. If her husband were to die, she would get one-third of the property to split for her children. Why was there a crisis in the freehold society? The population explosion of the New England colonies made less land available for everyone and a father could only provide enough land for one son.

Also, the once resource-plenty rivers were depleted because of overfeeding. The parents had less to give to their children so they couldn’t control them as well. Some farmers plated more productive crops like corn and potatoes instead of wheat and barley. New England became an exporter to meats. New England farmers started working for other people and families in turn for furniture, shoes, etc, What were the societies of the middle colonies like?

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