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“There is always tomorrow. “, or maybe the all to common, ” I’ll do it later. “, these were a couple of my mottos when it came to getting anything of importance done! It never fails that when I need to get something done, it never happens. Or if it does then it comes right down to the wire. I think my life has come to be just a series of last minute choices that has really made huge impacts. So for anyone out there that can relate to me maybe some of this paper will hit home.

Never put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Procrastinating is a dirty habit and only leads to bad GPA’s and bad Sr. picture outfits. To begain with, procrastinating is the only way of life that I have grown to know. Because of this fact I have many run ins with rather large problems and red flags that would in most cases case a person to take some course of action and really try and not procrastinate. I on the other hand have yet to take that first initial step and change my ways.

My first bad case of procrastination started my freshman year when I began to have some sort of a social life with friends and boyfriends. I mostly hung out with school friends and was really involve in youth group and boyfriend quality phone time. I would cram that night till around 1am when Iwould call it quits. My grades weren’t the best but I was still doing average. My sophmore year it was more freedom with the car and sports took a rather large chunck of time as well.

I would justify putting off my homework to stay up late on the telephone or if I had to quickly “DRIVE” somewhere for something that just had to be done now before anything else. My Jr. year it was still the freedom with the car, the boyfriend, and now the new excuse was the job. I was working quite a bit and now since work took up so much time I had to make good use of my time off and visit friends, watch movie, or party. These things took a much higher priority over my school work.

Now the colleges are asking for my grades and all the procrastinating would accumalate to a very low and embarassing GPA. To little to late for this dear social light! My firends may have gotten me through some hard times, and my car may have taken me to some fancy places, and my jobs may have gotten me some nice checks but none of them will get me into the college of my choice. And now my GPA won’t help in that area either. Now for something that may not seem as important but is, Senior pictures.

I was so late getting any of my sr. picture clothes together. ince i wanted to have my car in some of the pictures i had to wash it the night before at around 9:30 at night and the next day i had to come home and iron my clothes during my brake. I then rushed to school and worried about not forgetting anything that day. I get home and it is canceled so it turned out to be ok. so now I learned my lesson and now the next time i will be totally prepared. well no that is not the case. i am last minute washing, drying , and ironing my clothes.

I not only do my clothes but i am rushing to give my car a quick rinse so that it is in tip top form for the pictures. am running so terribly late that i arrive at my destination with no gas so we have to make an extra gas stop before going to our first picture site. of couse because it took my so long to do these things we are off to a very late start. Now we are at the site and i of course was in such a hurry that i didn’t have time to put on any make up or do my hair proporly so that take up extra time. now the sun is going down and we have yet to hit all the spots for my pictures so now i have to make another appointment so that i can fit in a couple more shots! h, well maybe next time i will be ready.

Maybe you haven’t had that many problems with your grades or sr. pictures but maybe you are bad at keeping up with you checking account balance. Yes i am horrible about keeping up with how much i have to spend. So in the end the over draft fees get me were it hurts. I always think that i can put off picking up my check or going to the bank and while i am putting this very important erron there is a check going through to my account to withdraw the money that isn’t there.

Yes everytime I make a deposite i promise myself, my parents, and the bank that i wil keep track of my spending and of course I am able to save all my receites for another day. and instead of adding them up everday and figuring my balance I put off for tomorrow that needs to be done today. so in the end my people, please do what needs to be done now! so that you don’t end up with a half washed car, un-ironed khakis, a low GPA, or over draft fees. beleive me when I say, learn from my mistakes.

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