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Alternate World Research Paper

Do you believe in alternate world? What if you discover that there is another ‘you’ living in another universe? Have you ever thought what’s after our universe? There are Scientists, Cosmogonist, Astrophysicist and other people involved in science that believe that there could be another universe. That someone like you and I have a, what we call, ‘doppelganger’. Not long ago, my ancestor found identical DNA of two people. A forensic team believes that the two bodies are not twins because the other person was stateless.

There is a possibility that the other person was from another world, or rather universe. During the modern history, the issue was so popular that it triggers many researchers to study the possibility of alternate world. Until now, the issue has not yet been resolved. I and other people began to speculate about the findings and the process undertaken. I began to undertake research of my own. Lucky for me, my family have a massive influence in science. My uncles, aunties and cousins run different research labs around the world. I started my venture by knowing the whole story first.

Since the DNA was my 6th great grandfather’s, I went to my grandparents and my parents to ask the truth behind it. The story has been passed down from my 5th great grandfather to the present generation. From what my grandparents and my parents told me, I formed a conclusion that my 6th great grandfather was indeed found his ‘doppelganger’. The story begins when my 6th great grandfather found a portal while he was searching for artefacts of our ancient civilization. The portal was said to be the connection between two worlds. It was now hidden beneath our world long after the first transference.

Buried by natural disaster enabling us to locate the exact place where it was found. The portal was allocated inside a cave, covered with stories of our ancestors. At the top of the portal, a hexagonal shape was curved that were most likely to be the key to open it. When he found the key and place it on top of the hexagonal shape, a blinding light booms all over the cave and making him lose consciousness. Minutes later, he found himself looking at his own reflection like he was looking at a mirror but the only difference was that the other person’s physical features are different.

He studied the other person’s physique who gives him a confuse look. Both men were shocked and for a minute no one spoke. My 6th great grandfather was the first to break the silence. He invited him to his place to talk about what just happened. They went to his place and he offered the stranger anything to drink or eat. When both men were settled, they talked about the basic information of each other. The stranger’s name was Billy, very different from my 6th great grandfather’s name which is Daniel. Months had gone by, all Daniel’s friends knew about Billy and the transference.

Daniel made the people believe that Billy was his long lost twin brother. Many years had passed and Billy was able to live like a normal human being. He got himself a proper job and had his own funding. However, Billy wanted more. He became obsess of becoming rich and powerful. He started from the bottom crawling his way to the top, recruiting the best military group to join him in conquering the whole world. Daniel, in the other hand, didn’t know what Billy had been doing for the last years. All he knew was that Billy was doing great living his life as Daniel’s twin brother.

Daniel was a very influential person. Billy uses his status as Daniel’s twin brother to recruit more military from different country. One day, Billy told Daniel everything and asks him to join him in the battle. But, Daniel rejected him. He got wrathful and promised him that, if one day they see each other again, he will make sure that he will bow down before him. Since then, Daniel made his move and asks the government to create large amount of soldiers to fight the battle against Billy’s group. Billy moves to an island together with his group to plan their attack.

The island was lived by other villagers whom Billy took over and created his own rules. That the people should obey all his order or else a punishment of death will be given. Both the government and Billy’s group created a plan to stop each other. A year later, Billy’s 1st commander sends an invitation to the whole world, through a video, that they will start a war to whomever disobeying Billy Cross. They were able to send the video to the people by hacking the government’s computer that connects to the whole world.

People began to panic and other residents start to create small battles in their country against their government. The government assured the people that Billy’s terrorizations won’t happen. The government secretly contact Billy’s group to meet each other face to face and talk about the matter. They flew all the way to where Billy was residing. In there, they give Billy a chance to stop the war or they will start a battle against them. Billy and Daniel had some time to talk to each other. Daniel insists that Billy should stop whatever he was doing because it was wrong.

But Billy also insists that Daniel should join him. In the end the two men fight each other, throwing fist into each other’s faces. Billy’s group started to make the move by striking a sword to one of the soldiers. And so the battle between the terrorist and the soldier started. The battle took an hour until only two men were left alive, Billy and Daniel. Both were panting from exhaustion and faces are covered with blood. Once again, Daniel insists to Billy to surrender. But Billy throws another punch to Daniels face and said “I will have to die first before you hear me surrender, brother”.

Just like that a loud thunderstorm was heard and both men were looking at each other’s eyes like a dagger. They both see a sword near each other, and run to get it and point it to each other’s heart. Without saying anything, they both pushed the sword into each other’s heart. The stab on their heart made them lose their consciousness and fall down the ground. Before they totally blacked out, Daniel told Billy that he loved him like his own brother and he never regrated that he open the portal for him.

The story ended with a battle that leads them to their death. The island where both men died was the same place where the DNA was found. There I saw the remains of my late 6th great grandfather who were so brave and strong. He died for his world and his people. The story leads me to my next destination. I went to the cave where my 6th great grandfather was said to be researching at the time and where he found the portal. The portal is there and the hexagonal shape is still curved on top of it, however the key is not placed in it anymore.

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