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Alison Bliss Research Paper

Alison Bliss is an American author best known for the writing of romantic suspense novels. She grew up on a small island just off the Gulf Coast in Texas and spent most of her childhood on hunting or camping trips. Alison is the youngest of five siblings and hence has had to face up to challenges from her elder sisters most of her life. In fact, her writing career was as a result of a dare from one of her sisters who told her that she could never become a writer. She has never once looked back, once she put her heart and mind to it.

She is a closet video game enthusiast and animal lover and is of the opinion that the best way to know someone is to go on a canoeing trip with them. If you come back without hating each other, it proves that you were meant to be. She loves to read romance novels that she asserts provide some of her inspiration for the novels that she writes. She loves stories with a cowboy or two, laughter, heat, and steamy stories with heart – or as she calls it, romance with a liberal does of humor. Even as she says she will always be a Texan at heart, Alison currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and two sons.

In between cooking dinner, taking the kids to the doctor, paying bills, taking care of pets and running a household full of testosterone, she finds an outlet by writing romances. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Alison Bliss never grew up wanting to be a writer. In fact, she asked to be allowed to quit the journalism class because she just did not like to write. But what she did not realize at the time was that it was not the writing that she hated but rather having to write what other people prescribed for her.

As an avid reader of romance it was only a matter of time before she came across a book series that ended badly that she decided to write a novel that she liked. After complaining for a week about the novel series her sister dared her to write a better novel. Never one to turn down a challenge, she got down to writing a superb ending for the novel. However, instead of writing a better ending of the novel, she set out to write her own romance novel in 2010 and the rest is history.

She got her first break when she was a finalist for an online writing contest known as the Pitchwars. Soon after she had three agents offer to represent her, including one who had previously rejected her. Similarly, her decision to write romantic suspense was never a conscious decision. Having written contemporary romantic novels for years, she suddenly got an idea and crazy storyline for a romantic suspense and immediately started writing Rules of Protection two chapters into a contemporary manuscript.

Just like with her previous venture into contemporary romance writing she has proven to be great at romantic suspense and has been a huge success. Alison Bliss writes most of her novels in the romance suspense genre. Bliss is an expert at the writing of some of the sexiest romances. She writes of southern men that are the ultimate alphas – being male and masculine to the core. The stories are mesmerizing with enthralling twists and turns, interesting characters with fully fleshed out backstories and motivations that will keep you guessing as to what will come next.

Even as most of her country folk are simple people in their own captivating and colorful way, the two main characters form the thrust of the novels. Her men ooze so much testosterone that you can almost taste it. They are strong-willed and will not be bossed around preferring to dominate their own. Conversely the women give as good as they get, they do not take the bossy dominance lying down and have an answer to almost anything the heroes throw at them. What makes them so great is that the lovers do not have any filter and say everything without regard for consequence.

Alison brings her A Game peppering the novels with humor, love, and power plays that will have the reader in laughter even as she talks of serious issues. The novels are sure to keep any contemporary suspense reader on their edge of their seat while taking in the sparks that are sure to come from the lead characters. Rules of Protection is the first novel of the Tangled in Texas series of novels. It opens to the lead character Emily Foster, who is celebrating her birthday.

It being her birthday, she is looking or some action when she finds herself embroiled in just the worst kind, as she becomes the witness to a mob sanctioned hit. Agent Jake Award is assigned as her chaperone when she is registered into the program. When her safe house location is compromised, Jake moves her deep into the Texan backwoods for her protection. But now the city girl has to face up to crazy cowboys, narcoleptic dog, a psychotic roster and falling in love with the man she cannot have, the by the book agent Jake Ward.

Jake is as infuriating as he is hot though Emily cannot help but push his buttons to get closer to him. Their sizzling mutual attraction is a big dilemma as she is determined to get into his arms while he is determined to follow protocol and prevent her from falling into the wrong hands. Playing With Fire is the second novel of the Tangled in Texas series of novels. In what is a perfect match Ann Weber the old-fashioned librarian complete with tightly clipped flaming red hair and conservative dress has recently travelled to Texas.

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