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Activisim: Abortion

Browning talks about a young environmental activist who fought hard to save redwood forest trees. Julia Hill had an accident in August 1996, which almost got her killed. When that accident happened, Julia realized and said to herself “There’s got to be something more. ” After that accident, Julia became a famous environmental activist. Julia Hill succeeded in saving one of redwood biggest trees “Ulna” by living there for two years and eight days. Julia did not stop trying to protect the environment.

In fact, she went to Ecuador to try and stop an oil pipeline company from cutting down trees, but she did not succeed. When I first knew about Julia Hill and her story, I was completely stunned. I had a lot of question; how did she pull off staying there for two years? What did she eat? What did she do to spend that long time? It must have been very crazy to her. I cannot imagine her experience in the trees alone in the night without someone to talk to. Although It was an Insane experience, I do approve of hill’s action.

Julia Hill had that lariat of doing something good in her life to people and other living things. She fought really hard for a purpose that she truly wanted. To other people hill’s action was stupid and meaningless, because she fought for something that don’t move or feel. However, it must have got them thinking; why did she feel so strongly about this issue? On the opposite side, there are a lot of people that felt hill’s action was heroic and Inspiring, Due to this action, I believe that there are a lot of people who are motivated to fight for what they feel strongly about.

When I watched the documentary, which is known as “Butterfly,” I thought about her point of view of life and I believe that she Is right, there Is a lot more In our lives than saving money or thinking what to do for the weekend. Julia also did a big favor to a lot of environmentalists out there, because she showed other people that it is meaningful. Julia was successful In many levels. She was successful In not having the tree removed. She was also successful that she intrigued another activists to fight strongly for what they believe. She inspired me.

To all people there Is a specific Issue that triggers a fighter Inside of them. There are many issues nowadays for particularly anything. There are issues about animals, humans, gun control, environment like Cilia’s, and so on. When I searched the Internet for an issue that Intrigues me. I found something that Is not solved yet and I wanted to share my opinion about it. The issue that I chose is Abortion Rights. It is about the limitation of having women to abort. A lot of people are fighting for women to have the freedom of having abortions and there are others who are fighting to end abortion.

People who are in favor of abortion mainly argue about that people should have the choice of keeping the baby or not and people who are not in favor of abortion do not want to end a human being’s life. The key point of ending this issue is knowing when does the fetus come to life. People want to know when is the right time in having an abortion. As of now In the U. S. It Is very hard to have an abortion until they pass a law. I am not in favor of abortion rights. I believe that ending the baby’s life is a mistake and should not be allowed because it Is a life of a human being.

It is not abortion because they are not ready to take care of the baby or it is not its time. There are many choices they could choose but abortion should not be one of them. There are a lot of people that want children in their lives. People who want to have an abortion should think of giving up the baby for adoption, foster care, and many organizations that could help the baby to a better life, not end it. I agree that the person should have the right to have an abortion unless the fetus came to life. However, according to the article I read, you cannot know when is the fetus alive.

Some people say that the fetus is alive from the moment of conception, some say when the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb, some say when he start to move, and it goes on from various of point of views. Apparently, it is not the right choice of having abortion to become legal because you cannot know if you murdered an innocent soul or not. I found this issue special to me because I completely did not like the idea of ripping that baby away from life. It is frustrating to see that people do not care of those lives. Abortions should be illegal until they know when the fetus comes to life.

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