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Abortions Should Be Kept Legal

Abortion is a highly controversial topic. Plenty of people are pro life, which means they believe abortion is immoral, and that it should be illegal. While there are others that are pro choice, who believe abortion is ok and that it should be legal, I am personally pro choice . I believe the government should have no say in this issue. I do not believe that abortion should be against the law. Who is to say what a person decides to do with her baby? If they make abortions illegal, plenty of women will still find ways of having these abortions. Women will begin to have “back alley” abortions once more.

These kinds of abortion are done by untrained practitioners or by trying to do the abortions themselves. Those kinds of illegal abortions are done in unsanitary conditions, and cause plenty of women to have terrible side effects or possibly even die. Why would the government want to put women through this horrible experience? For this reason abortion should be kept legal, so women would not have to go to the extreme of having back alley abortions or any other kind of unsafe abortion. I stand behind the saying “my body, my choice”. It should be the pregnant woman’s decision to do what she likes with her body.

I believe that the female having the baby should be the one to decide if she wants to have the baby or not. Why should someone who knows nothing about that person or her situation decide what her future will be? “Only a pregnant woman knows whether she is ready to have a child, and governments can play no role in influencing that decision. ” cited from Right’s Center for Reproductive “Abortion is a Women’s Right”. At Issue: The Ethics of Abortion. Also a women’s right to privacy gives her the right to have an abortion without the government prying in. Abortions should be kept legal for the cases where women have been raped.

Rape is a traumatizing experience, and the image of having a child from this tragic event can be even more traumatic. If abortions were made illegal, then the raped women would have to have the baby, no matter what their decision was. Most of the time abortion is the best choice in these kinds of situations. Another situation where abortions are needed are in the cases “children having children”. If a child is having a child, how would she take care of the baby? This would be putting a baby in an unsafe environment, especially if the child having the baby barely knows how to take care of herself.

Even though abortions should not be used as a form of birth control, it should be an option. Children should be taught that just because abortions are an option, they should either practice abstinence or have protected sex . This way less children would get pregnant, and less abortions will be needed. Every child should be a wanted child. Everyone has heard that saying before, and I highly support it. If a child is brought into a world where he or she is not wanted, this can be more damaging to the child than anything else. If abortion is made illegal, then there will be plenty of babies being born that are not wanted.

It is selfish just to have a baby, if you know you do not want it, and give him up for adoption. When people say adoption should be another option instead of abortion, that is also selfish. First of all, who is to say that the baby will have a better life in an orphanage? The child will probably go from one foster home to another. This child will live with the shame of thinking, that he/she were not good enough for his mother to keep him. Outlawing abortions is discriminatory against women. This is a form of gender discrimination. It is also against their human rights.

According to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, “discrimination against women includes laws that have either the “effect” or the “purpose” of preventing a women from exercising any of her human rights or fundamental freedoms on a basis of quality with men. Laws that ban abortion have just that effect and that purpose. ” Abortion should be kept legal. Abortion should not just be legal in some situations but in all of them. It is the woman who is having the baby who decides what she will do. The government has no right, trying to put laws in effect that take those choices away from females.

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