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As a teenager I remember In my first advanced high school English class when abortion got brought up and it became a huge debate. My very religious and not to mention Catholic English teacher stood up and quoted Mrs… Hilary Clinton saying “l have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who Is pro-abortion. ” It stuck with me and changed my outlook on the Pro- Life/Pro-Chloe debate. As an advocate of women’s rights to Pro-choice, I am extending my viewpoints to you in this proposition.

Many people have their opinions on abortion, usually being one extreme or the other. Advocates or Pro-choice often finds themselves swaying their opinions of when abortion Is morally ethical dependent upon the controlling factors. Mahatma Gangland was quoted saying “I cannot intentionally hurt anything that lives, much less fellow human beings” (350), and that’s why I would also let it be known that I would never get an abortion but if it involves another of my fellow woman, I believe that that woman deserves to make her choice as to whether she Is ready to become a mother or not.

Advocates of Pro Life re consistently perusing abortion, stating that it is morally wrong, and unethical in all matters, even if the pregnancy is Inadvertent. There are factors remaining in today’s society that are very forthcoming and are unanticipated by women in the prevention of pregnancy. If medical doctors abolished the procedure, or If the government made It even more difficult to obtain an abortion, we wouldn’t be supporting the righteousness of many women in the U. S. Today.

I am a firm believer when I say that a woman has the right to make a choice to do whatever she feels as though Is necessary for her. Women have come way too far fighting for what we believe In and what we deserve as human beings. Women are still fighting today over who gets to choose what’s best for their body. Sojourner Truth said “l am glad to see that men are getting their rights, but I want women to get theirs”. We have our rights but can we keep them? Abortion is an intense subject of debate among many Americans today.

Each side has come up with compelling arguments defending their position as the debate continues. Abortion disproportionately affects the African American community here in the United States. Abortion should remain legal because women should have the right to decide what happens with their bodies; some women that become pregnant are not ready emotionally or financially to be mothers; and abortion is the best answer for an unwanted pregnancy between casual sex partners. Women should be given the right to decide what happens with their bodies.

It is the woman that has to carry the fetus in her womb for up to nine months and definitely change her lifestyle to make sure the baby receives proper nutrients. Pregnancy changes a woman’s life Immediately and often unexpectedly. The woman does all the hard work during pregnancy; therefore, it should be the right 1 OFF decides that she is not ready, she should have the option of terminating her pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancies often come at a time when a woman is not ready emotionally or financially to become a parent.

She is not alone, because often times the man is not ready either. Raising a child is a huge financial responsibility and should not be taken lightly. That means the parents may have to reevaluate their spending habits to provide for their child. That child’s needs should come before the arena’s wants. According to Parenting Magazine, “According to a 2010 USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life. By age two, parents are up to more than $12,500 per year.

Parents can count on spending close to $50 per week ($2,448 per year) on diapers, formula and baby food alone. Then toss in such big-ticket items as furniture, equipment, clothes, childcare if you’re returning to work, and medical expenses”(Harris). Besides the finances, that child is going to need to feel love every ay from the parents. A lot of the parent’s time is no longer their own, and the decisions they make in life now affects more than Just them. Sometimes the choice of abortion comes down to a compatibility issue.

When pregnancy results from casual sex partners that are not attached to each other emotionally, it would not be a good idea for them to bring a life in this world. This is true especially if the two cannot get along, because that child will connect them to each other for the rest of their lives. The possible constant conflict and tension between the parents would have a active effect on the raising of that child, and any future relationships they have apart from each other. Two consenting adults having sex with each other should be able to talk and get along with each other, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

When two people that cannot get along other than Just sex have an unexpected pregnancy, abortion is the intelligent choice. Pro-lifers do not believe that these are valid enough reasons to make abortion legal. They believe that women should control their bodies by preventing unwanted pregnancy with the use of contraception, or even abstinence. They also believe abortion should not be used as another form of contraception. It is easy to say unwanted pregnancies can be avoided with a contraceptive or abstinence. However, Just because it sounds easy does not make it so.

Condoms have been proven to have flaws that lessen its effectiveness. They sometimes pop during intercourse placing that man and woman in a position they took precautions to avoid. Studies have also shown that the annual pregnancy rate is 2% among perfect users (Delving). Perfect use of condoms is defined as persons that use a condom properly and consistently, as opposed to actual users who do not use nods properly or during every sexual intercourse. Studies have also shown that abstinence- only programs have not been effective in keeping teens from having sex.

The teens that were in these programs had Just as many sex partners as those that did not attend. The attendees were also having their first sexual relations around the same time as the non-attendees. In conclusion, keeping abortion legal will allow women to have full control of their bodies; keep some of our children from having to should not be together in the first place. We need to keep the option of abortion open to those who want to make that choice. I am willing to protest and make sure my voice is heard, not only for myself, but other women across the globe.

I have protested before in front of Planned Parenthood with a group of classmates against the West burrow Baptist Church and I will do it again. If you take away a woman’s right to her own body you’re going to cause chaos in society. Those that oppose abortion preach that contraceptives and abstinence is the key to preventing unwanted pregnancy, but it is not that simple. Forcing women to give birth against their will, will undoubtedly leave society to deal with another set of moral issues that ill greatly chagrin pro-lifers.

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