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Abortion research paper

I believe abortion is wrong because human life begins at the time of conception between the union of the sperm and of the egg. I chose this topic for my research paper because I found this to be one of the most talked about and well known controversial topics there Is. I also find It be extremely Interesting and that there are so many relating arguments to abortion, which left me with multiple to chose from. There were several different viewpoints and I pylons I researched also corresponding with the topic and argument of certain aspects of abortion but picked his one to write about.

Is the embryo considered human life when conceived? Or when the fetus reaches a certain milestone during pregnancy? Maybe when it moves around and shows full signs of life? Believe it, or not, some people believe the baby is not considered to be alive until it is delivered at the hospital! I personally believe the baby is alive from conception, or even during the early stages of the quickening process, when you would start to feel the baby growing and moving and you can feel yourself becoming pregnant.

I Just don’t see how people could abort an innocent 9 onto old child waiting to be born… But people do. One very popular and well known argument relating to abortion Is that ” human life begins with the union of the took place In the US. Multiple researchers say that the fetus Is a living organism and is living the very second in which it has been conceived. Researchers have several tests and a multitude of information and a vast spread of studies with lots of information to prove and show when life does begin, but still to many this day it is a ‘personal’ opinion as to when life starts. A sperm has 23 chromosomes and no tater what even though it is alive it can fertilize an egg. ” ” An egg has 23 chromosomes Just as a sperm does, when the two Join together they total to 46 of their very own new chromosomes, they together create a brand new genetic chromosomal code unlike any other individual has ever had, unless of course (identical twins)”. (Carolyn C. Garbage ) The majority of American citizens In the united States of America are for the profile side. This does not mean profilers’ are against having sex, or also against all woman’s rights or anything like that.

It Just shows that the majority just mostly believes the child in alive and living from as soon as the child was conceived in the womb. I personally, in my very own opinion do believe each woman does have a choice. However I am not agreeing with pro-choice because I support the side of pro-life for several reasons, but I personally do believe each and every woman out there does too have rights to what they want to do with their own body. I think of abortion occurring in any stage as an immoral murder and can be looked at as a form of genocide.

I believe it is completely wrong, and life is too special to be taken from something so innocent who did not even have a chance, or for that matter was GIVEN the chance to live and experience life. “People of the pro- life side stand up for the sacredness of life. ” Life begins at conception. Humans are created In the Image and likeness of God. All human life Is sacred. All human life possesses Inflate value. – I do agree fully with this statement because It Is saying cannot have children and would give anything to be able to.

Some people who have died and, people who have lost close loved ones no longer have that privilege of life. The privilege that each and every day by multiple people truly goes UN-noticed and overlooked by many. The problem of abortion in other countries is very close to non existent because ” in many countries abortion is not legal at anytime, though special cases might be made if there is a medical reason for abortion and doing the procedure would save the life of the mother. ” Other foreign countries look down at abortion Just like the pro-life movement does.

A lot of people are against abortion specially at later stages of pregnancy. I believe that life should certainly not be under any circumstances, taken for granted, there are so many other different options and other choices and ways of dealing with it rather than turning to abortion. I view abortion as almost an easy way out, a way of not being Judged for having a child, a way of not having to work and support a child, a way of not having to give up and sacrifice everyday life for a new completely changed lifestyle.

I think most people can be selfish and would rather not give up what they have and Just live life thou a child, especially when the pregnancy was not planned and may be looked upon as an accident. Like most teenagers, abortion is the easiest way out for most. Very often at the time people find out when the pregnancy is unplanned it that seems most practical and simple rather than waking up in the middle of the night to care for someone other than themselves, pay the bills, get a Job, support someone new, give up plans on a Friday night to stay in and spend time with your own child, who was infant an accident.

Instead of turning to abortion multiple couples would e more than willing to make that child their own. There are multiple programs that can provide counseling and also medical care, adoption, housing, Job training, and school. Which are all services for anyone with an unplanned or even planned pregnancy who may have changed their minds. Just different ideas and alternatives instead of abortion. The conception of the baby doesn’t mean the child is “alive” and some believe it doesn’t start “living” until 3 months or maybe even later, some think that still only the moment it is delivered is when it comes to life.

Some people believe the child hasn’t reached a certain point of development at the young stages therefore it doesn’t mean they are “living” most people do not care at all. The opposing side of the argument is that abortion is okay, it is accepted and that there is nothing wrong with it. Most abortions happen because of a careless mistake or because of different reasons such as mistakes, rape, or attention. Some people argue that they weren’t ready for the baby at the time of the conception therefore they aborted it until they were ready.

Some people Just say that they weren’t cut out to have children and weren’t planning on it. Some also say that they don’t have enough money for a child, others say that the relationship with the person they are with is completely unstable and it would not work out. Some people say rape is an acceptable excuse, and this I do agree with. Rape I believe is one condition where abortion should be tolerated. Throughout the process for researching the two opposing viewpoints of abortion I believe that personally I do still stand by my opinion which I had formed before the paper.

The only new exception I have thought of is rape, or incest I believe for the sake of the baby. It would Just be best if it was aborted. I don’t agree with carelessly think that people who get abortions today are harshly Judged, but the people who are against abortions are also viewed in a different way. I think a lot about being brought up a certain way has to do with it, dependent upon whether or not you do or don’t attend church or believe strongly in any type of faith. I agree with pro-life still today rather than abortion.

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