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Abortion Proposal

Morality I would like to write my essay about abortions legality. My purpose Is to point out that not everyone wants a child. A plausible thesis would be, by supporting abortions we are capable of decreasing seclude rates and children In struggling females that could cause a lot of childhood trauma. My Interest Is to point out that It Is easier for a man to walk out off pregnancy than It Is for a woman to walk out of a pregnancy, I believe that If a man could easily wake up and leave his pregnant partner and leave err with a child to raise.

A woman should have the ability to get rid of her problem that is growing inside of her. I understand there is a lot of controversies on how abortions are morally right and how people want to play God by getting abortions. At 5 weeks of pregnancy the egg will develop a beating heart and in a medical sense that is when the egg is alive. Since that is what is either the most frightening thing or the most exciting thing to hear when a woman is getting an ultrasound.

Most woman who plan on getting an abortion will choose not to because of hear the sound of a heart beating. Even though the attachment a mother and the child growing inside of her bonds them together. If the soon to be mother is not ready; financially, emotionally, and physically the child may suffer in the earlier stages of childhood development. Due to the woman’s inability to care for the child she has other options aside from abortion, yet the choices are to give the child away or to keep it.

For a young adult woman who has a night of fun and finds out she is pregnant a month later without know who the father is and without support the woman would be confused and scared of motherhood. For women the ages of 16-18 if they were to encounter a pregnancy at that age they are still with their parents and for fear of being shamed and being a disappointment they could go as far as suicide to cover up a mistake like a pregnancy. From personal experience I had a friend In high school who committed suicide because she was afraid of being shamed for the child.

My friend was a smart girl, she was going to go to OVA but chose to end her life Instead because she was afraid of how her parents would react and how college would be Impossible with a child. This is Important because It Is choosing between death of a developing human life or choosing to end both lives. In the society we live In we view single pregnant women very poorly which puts a lot of pressure and shame on to the women who are single and pregnant.

The Impact that banning abortions would be life threatening to women who are not ready for motherhood. My audience would Include people who are neutrals, pro-lifers, or abortion advocates. The subject would affect the people who are unable to get abortions due to the laws passed against it. People who would be interested in my paper would be different perspective. The message I would hope to send out is that abortions are morally and socially acceptable.

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