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Abortion: Pregnancy and Decisions Women

Having a baby at a young age could ruin so many things such as school and work. I wouldn’t be able to get a Job/ career due to the fact that I’m going to have to carry a newborn around. I would not be able to attend school because once again, I have to take care of a newborn baby. In my culture, we are all about having our studies as our first priority. My parents wouldn’t even let me have a boyfriend during my early years of high school. Imagine how they would feel If I would have gotten pregnant. In my culture, we believe that If you have enough reason to get an abortion, then you should get one.

My mother got n abortion before she had me. This was around the time when my grandpa got diagnosed with cancer, so it was a rough time for her. She also recently gave birth to my older sister, and she just wasn’t ready to have another baby at that time. Two of my cousins also got abortions when they were in their teenager years. Unfortunately, they were being careless and ended up getting pregnant. Both of them actually didn’t tell their moms that they got pregnant, and got an abortion on their own. They already knew what would happen If their mom’s found out, so they did It without her knowing to keep her sane.

Women eve enough reason to get an abortion, and It shouldn’t be Legalized. I would ask my mom if she would give her baby up for adoption, and she told me she wouldn’t want anyone else to have her baby. She would have to go thru the heartache of knowing that someone else loves and takes care of her own baby. Of course having an abortion is difficult too. My mom tells me she still thinks about how different her life would be if she kept that baby. But she says that it was one of the best routes she could take. I was reading a lot of articles, essays, and other things that supported my position on keeping abortion legal.

Most of them all said the same thing. Women should have their own choice whether or not they should be allowed to get an abortion or not. For one, they could have been raped. Why would any woman want to keep a baby when rape Impregnated them? Giving up the baby for adoption wouldn’t even be an option In their head for them. She would be carrying the rapist’s baby for almost a full 9 months, and the thought of the incident would never go away. I feel like for a woman sources also included how women or girls get abortions due to incest. I don’t think anyone in their family got pregnant by someone else in the family.

That’s Just wrong. It’s not illegal to have a baby with a family member, but it’s very looked down upon. Babies from incest situations are also more likely to be born with Down syndrome. Abortion would probably be very considerable in these situations. Abortion should be kept legal. One in three women gets an abortion by the time they are age 45. If the percentage of woman getting an abortion is so high, why should it become illegal? There are about 1. 1 million U. S. Abortions each year. Nearly 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion as well. If abortion becomes illegal, it’s not like women are going to keep their babies.

Instead, they’ll find another way to get an abortion. They’ll go back to the clothes hanger way, which was used, back in the old days. Women would die all the time using that way because it is not safe. The procedures done today for abortion are safe. After all the research I read, I still think abortion should be kept legal. There are plenty of reasons as to why it’s okay to get one. My culture has made me believe that abortion shouldn’t be something to avoid. I don’t believe that abortion is bad. I believe it’s very helpful. Many women in this world get abortions. It should stay legal so everyone can get proper procedures and care.

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