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Abortion Not on Specific Race

Sometimes it Is hard to focus on thing In general when specific race Is the dominant in a specific territory. The billboard that has been put in New York City about abortion that focuses on specific group of people, the African American. But Abortion should not be focused on one specific race as it is a worldwide issue; every race has an abortion Issue. The billboard could be strengthen if race Is taken out of the billboard. Not only that, the advertisement somewhat depicts negatively towards he African American, thus making it racists.

The billboard in New York City stated, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb. ” and depicts along with a picture of an innocent African American girl. The ads was been put up there was to focus on African American people because they tends to have the highest rate of abortion of any race in that specific place. Based on the abortion ratio in New York City for African American was 59. 8%. The article also quoted that, an African American baby Is three times more likely to be aborted than a white baby noonday, African Americans account for 12. % of the American population, but African American women receive 35% of all abortions (Abortion Facts). This advertisement is mainly focused on African American was because of a lot of abortion performed, a lot of lives lost daily. Approximately 4,000 abortions are performed daily In the united States and which 1,452 of them is African American (Abortion Facts). Compared to other race, African American abortion rate is really high. In New York City itself, the percentage of lives that lost due to abortion is really gig.

In New York City In 2009, the percentage of lives lost are, 46. 7% are African American, 32. 5% are Hispanic, and 1 1 . 3% are Caucasian. Not only that, the national average of live lost nationally is 37% (Abortion Facts). There is some point for the advertisement to be put in that specific area, New York City, because there is where the majority population Is African American. By putting the advertisement in that area focuses on lowering the abortion rate for the African American as abortion Is morally wrong and needs to be put to stop.

But on the other hand, abortion is not a problem with a single race, it is a global issue. Not only globally, but also abortion is a big issue nationally. Singling out a specific race and only focused on that specifically, could not lower the abortion rate as a whole but only a small number of them. In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintentional, and four out often of these are ended by abortion and there are approximately over 4,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end In abortion.

Also, abortion Is a global Issue because approximately 1 25,000 abortions are performed dally per day In the world (Abortions in the World). 1 OFF really high. Similarly, abortion rate of other races than African American are also high. Based on a chart conducted by Christina Hymnal-Butler, the White Americans has the highest percentage of medication abortion and Hispanic has the highest percentage of patient that went to facilities to get abortion (Hymnal-Butler, page. 220-221). Not only that, the highest rate of abortion conducted was from the people at the age of 20-29.

Among all those who performed an abortion, a lot of it conducted in Manhattan where is the population tends to be is much higher class and educated compared to the other part of New York City such as Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island (Hymnal-Butler, page. 220). Therefore, if the advertisement not only being put in a specific area and focuses on the population in New York City in general, the advertisement could lead in lower of abortion rate as a whole and not on a specific race in that area. Similarly, abortion is a global issue.

The issues not only occurring in the non- evolving countries, but it also in the more develop countries. There are some countries that have abortion laws and some countries, abortion is still illegal. There are approximately 77 countries with liberal abortion laws and 36 of those countries are the more developing countries. The advertisement about abortion should not be singling out only on focusing on specific race. Even though New York City has the biggest abortion rate in the United States, in the other part of the world like, France and England, the abortion rate is also high.

However, United States has the biggest abortion rate and the slowest in declining in abortion rate. Based on the chart and data conducted pigheadedly, United States has as many as 6 times in the number of abortion than England itself (Sedge, page. 191). Also, from the data it can be concluded that in the developing countries actually has higher abortion rate compared to the non-develop countries. United States had the most legal abortions in 2008, 1. 2 million. In the part of the world where abortion is still illegal, the abortion rate is still very high.

This basically occurs in the less develop country where by money is an issue for he people. In the country like South Africa, which accounts for 90% of the population of the Southern Africa, has the estimated abortion rate of nine per 1,000 in 2008 (Sedge, page. 195). Therefore, by making an advertisement that focus on population in general regardless of choosing specific race, background, developing or less developing country, or focusing on specific area, would make the argument in the advertisement stronger. Also it will talk directly to everyone that saw the advertisement.

Additionally, in every country, there are numerous numbers of people with different race and back ground. Thus, the advertisement before, it only talks to African American group of people and it not really effective to the population there. However, the advertisement about abortion could be in various types of language,because every single country has their own issue on abortion. Lastly, the rate of abortion in every part of the world could be decrease by making the advertisement focusing on every single woman that is planning to have insecure sex and comes in variety of different languages.

Instead of focusing on specific race, background, or location, it should focus more on the population as a nation. Different languages could greatly focus more on the population as a whole, focusing a large number of populations instead of specific ones. Also, with advertisement addressing about an specific issue in that specific country, for example, illegal abortion in South Africa, would make the population realized on what happened around and makes them to think twice before going for abortion. Therefore, the Laws put in place by these countries influence people to not have children until they are ready to provide for their child.

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