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Abortion Honors Freshman English Speech Outline

To persuade my audience that abortion Central Idea: Abortion Is completely preventable. Introduction: Imagine yourself as a normal teenage girl. All of a sudden you find out that you’re pregnant. What would you do? How would you tell your parents? What if you had to go through with the pregnancy under any circumstances? Abortion may seem like a good option, but it’s a scary thing that you can prevent yourself from going through. Body Need l.

Many girls are getting pregnant at earlier ages In recent years. A. The Center of Disease Control reports that 1/3 of all girls get pregnant before age 20. B. In addition, 20% of people that get abortions are teenagers, while 1. 2% Is under 15 years old. L. This means that If you were to take a group of 12 girls, at least 4 of them are expected to get pregnant as a teenager. Because of this rise of young pregnancies, abortions are more likely to be a necessity among people. Satisfaction II. Fortunately, abortion does not have to be done.

You can easily prevent one from being your only option to turn to. A. First, you can choose the obvious option to be smart and also careful, you never know what might happen to you. Also, you should never give in to peer pressure when you are sure of your own decisions. B. According to a publication by Parent Further, only 10% of surveyed teens said they had never given in to peer pressure. Another way to avoid an abortion if it’s already too late to change your actions would be adoption. A. In the united States, 7. Omen from the ages of 15-44 are unable to have children of their own. B. This means there are plenty of people out there that would gladly adopt children from teenage girls that are not quite ready for their own yet. Visualization IV. You can visualize some of the benefits of not having abortions by looking at the ways you can prevent them. A. You can take the easy way out in life and prevent another one from beginning. I. Or you can be responsible for your actions and go though with the pregnancy, saving your child’s life. T.

You can make another couple happy by having the decency to choose adoption. B. You can save yourself first by making the right choices from the beginning. I. In the end, you can either look back at yourself and be proud of the choices you made, or you can be that person that wishes they ‘d been more careful. N. You can also avoid situations that cause you to be more susceptible to doing things you wouldn’t normally do. If you are at a party, don’t get drunk. You do stupid things you’ll regret and you’ll look stupid too. Lb. Emits.

Conclusion In conclusion, I urge you to never settle for having an abortion. There are so many things you can do to prevent yourself from even coming to that last resort that you shouldn’t even have to come across it. But if one day you ever had to, adoption is a great choice. It gives you the option to not have the responsibility of a mother, yet you are still giving your child a good home. You get to escape from your problems in an ethical way. Be smart, think for yourself, and if worse comes to worst think of your child.

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